A woman actually slices off her boyfriend’s genital area After he allegedly tried to sexually abuse her 14-year-old daughter

A mother in India reportedly cut off her boyfriend’s penis on Wednesday after he tried to rape her 14-year-old daughter.

India has been rocked and outraged by the story of a mother who allegedly cut off her boyfriend’s genitals after he tried to rape her teenage daughter. A 36-year-old mother claimed she discovered her 32-year-old boyfriend trying to rape her 14-year-old daughter as she stood right in front of him. She claimed she was working on her farm at the time and when she returned home, she witnessed her daughter rebuff her boyfriend.

The mother claimed she “didn’t feel remorse for what she did”.

she said she was lucky because she arrived home in time to catch him in the act.

He even attacked the mother when she tried to protect her child, so she took a knife from the kitchen and cut off his privates as punishment.

The event reignited a national dialogue about sexual abuse in India, a country with a long history of widespread sexual assaults and harassment of women and children. Recent years have seen an increase in these incidents, prompting public outcry and call for stricter regulations to protect victims and punish perpetrators.

While some may see the mother’s actions as vigilante justice, the incident has raised concerns about how well India’s legal system handles cases of sexual violence. Many people spoke in favor of the mother, saying that she should not be charged for standing up for her daughter. Some expressed concern that these events would lead to the collapse of the rule of law and the rise of vigilante justice.

The 32-year-old lover was “accused” of rape, but was in critical condition because his mother cut off his genitals.

His specific charges and current circumstances are unclear. Whether the mother will be charged is a mystery.

The incident took place east of New Delhi and near the Indian border with Nepal, in the Mahewaganj area of ​​Uttar Pradesh.

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  1. Danny Phillips

    Good timing on the Mother. The creep deserved to get neutered. She should absolutely face no penalties. She should get a medal.

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