Apple Watch Series 8 Review: Better than Ever!

New Apple Watch Series 8 – Is it Worth the Upgrade?

This image shows the Apple watch series 8.
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Apple didn’t invent the smartwatch, but it did bring it to the mainstream and continues to improve the Apple Watch with every generation released. The latest and greatest of those editions just hit store shelves, so I’ve reviewed it. 

With my new Apple Watch Series 8 to see how it stands up against previous versions as well as competing smartwatches from Samsung and Fitbit. Here’s what I found!

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Apple’s most technologically advanced and expensive watch yet. The Apple Watch Series 8 comes in three models, 41mm ($499), 40mm ($429), and 49mm ($799). Unlike other smartwatches, the Apple Watch doesn’t need a phone because it has built-in LTE support that makes it independent of the iPhone. 

In our review, we’ll go over some of the key features of this new Apple wearable device. From its battery life to its app selection, these are things you should know before you buy one for yourself or someone else. The Apple Watch Series 8 says that the product is all-around solid and there are so many features to get excited about. 

The addition of health, fitness and SOS mode upgrades come in handy, but the smartest additions to this watch are an electrocardiogram scanner, fall detection functionality, and an improved notifications system. It sounds like you won’t be disappointed when you buy it for yourself or as a gift. Let’s get started!

Today’s best deals on the new Apple Watch Series 8 At Amazon!


This product is expensive and if you’re not willing to pay for it, there are other good options out there. Some smartwatches offer a lot of features, just not in one great package. The Apple Watch Series 8 costs up to $499 and it can vary depending on your carrier and place of purchase. 

As far as products go, it’s pretty pricey which makes sense since Apple is well known for its high-quality items. You will have no problem spending at least $499 with the 41mm model and upwards of $799 with the 49mm model. 

If you don’t want to spend this much money on a smartwatch, you should look into some other Apple Watches that may suit your needs better. 

Apple offers different prices based on size, color, and whether or not you’re buying it through Verizon Wireless. They also offer price adjustments depending on where you live (Apple Watch prices vary from country to country).

Design and fit

The Apple Watch Series 8 come in sizes of 41mm, 44mm, 45mm, and 49mm for their display size. The watches are lightweight and comfortable to wear. They fit on my wrist without being too big or small. I have smaller wrists and the Apple Watch was not overwhelming at all. 

This image shows the Apple watch series 8 in the wrist of a man.
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I found that it was very lightweight and easy to put on myself without having to ask someone else for help which is a plus because I am often alone while trying things out. The only thing I wish they had done differently is the width of the straps because they were way too wide for me. 

It would be nice if they came with other strap options so people with smaller wrists can wear them comfortably. These watch sizes work well for women as well as men. My Apple Watch didn’t feel too heavy on my arm either; it’s been so long since I’ve worn one before this review that I forgot how light they are! 

There’s no need to worry about wearing an oversized bulky watch. Additionally, there are many colors to choose from. Apple has finally created a wearable device that doesn’t scream I’m a man or I’m a woman. People can now wear what suits them best and show off their personality through the watch they want to wear. 

The Screen

The screen is now a Retina display, which means that it’s just as clear and sharp as any Apple product ever. There are two sizes available, the smaller one being 41mm and the larger one being 49mm. 

The bigger screens are mainly aimed at people who want to be able to see more text without scrolling as much. 

This model has an always-on display so you can see the time at all times without having to press anything. You can easily switch between different watch faces with the flick of your wrist. It also comes with new watch faces such as Home, Activity, Breathe, and Calendar. 

This image shows the Apple watch series 8.
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A new feature called Theater Mode will turn off the screen if you’re in a movie theater or if there’s some other event where watching your phone might not be appropriate. Another great new feature is SOS mode, which allows you to send a message from your Apple Watch by pressing either side button three times and tapping Emergency Call. 

Overall this Apple Watch seems like it could potentially be one of their best models yet because of its better battery life, faster performance, increased water resistance, and the improvements made in health monitoring software.

Software WatchOS 9

Apple’s new software, which will be rolling out to all Apple Watches later this year, is also coming with some exciting improvements to the device. One of these new features includes the ability to see your heart rate and other workout information in real-time on your watch face. 

You can also choose a custom gauge for any given workout you do so you don’t have to scroll through a bunch of stats you’re not interested in. Plus, more apps are being updated with Apple Watch Series 8-specific features such as Nike + Run Club and others that provide customized workouts tailored to your needs. 

And thanks to an improved speaker, it’s now possible to make phone calls from your Apple Watch—which means no more awkwardly holding your wrist up to your ear or constantly digging in your pocket for your phone. We are happier with Apple Watch Series 8 and can’t wait to see what’s next!

Top-Notch Features

This Apple Watch is undeniably the best, most powerful version of the Apple watch yet. With new features like an FDA-cleared built-in ECG app and fall detection, this watch is one you will want to put on your wrist. If you are in the market for a new fitness tracker with an amazing series of features, this might be the right product for you. 

For example, with the heart rate monitor feature on Apple Watch Series 8, you can check your heart rate anytime without needing to have it taken by a doctor or nurse. In addition, it has incredible health tracking capabilities including accurate readings of steps taken, miles walked or run and calories burned each day. 

This image shows the Apple watch series 8.
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You can also add different profiles from family members so that all their data can be collected as well. If you don’t know what activity you’re doing while using Apple Watch Series 8, then just press the side button on the watch to find out. The ability to customize these features is also available which helps create a more personalized experience for users. 

One of my favorite features of the Apple Watch Series 8 is that it’s water resistant up to 50 meters and does not need to be removed when washing hands or taking a shower which makes it easier for me because I am constantly wearing my watch. 

It also connects seamlessly with other Apple products making it simple to stay connected with friends and family. To summarize, the Apple Watch Series 8 is simply fantastic.

New Car Crash Detection & Siri Functionality

One of the newest features of the Apple Watch Series 8 is its ability to detect car crashes. If a collision is detected, the watch will notify first responders and automatically call emergency services on your behalf. It can also offer guidance if you’re at risk for shock or cardiac arrest after an accident by telling you to stay still and wait for help.

This new feature is just one example of how Apple continues to innovate and make life easier with every release. With Apple Watch Series 8, they’ve taken everything great about previous models and made it even better.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is the best smartwatch on the market with a lot of useful functions. One of my favorite functions is Siri, which has expanded its capacities since the last version. For instance, I can use it to look up Wikipedia information or turn off my alarm with just my voice. 

Plus, I can also use it to play music on Pandora and order Uber rides hands-free! If you’re still considering purchasing this watch, I would highly recommend it because it will not disappoint. It has tons of features and customization options that make it so easy to use.

Fitness Tracking

Fitness is an important part of life and the Apple Watch Series 8 does not disappoint with its robust fitness tracking features. Allowing for your vital stats to be tracked and monitored, the Apple Watch Series 8 has a few tricks up its sleeve to make fitness easier, more inclusive, and more effective. 

This image shows the Apple watch series 8.
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The best feature of the apple watch that separates it from all other competitors is that it caters to every single fitness level. It helps you track everything from your heart rate to your exercise history. With the new personalized coaching, you can see how many calories you’ve burned today or where you need to improve. 

Workouts are categorized so that if running isn’t your thing, there are plenty of workouts in another category that might suit your needs better. You can also set goals for yourself as well as find support along the way with friends who share similar interests or levels in physical activity. 

A big plus to this Apple Watch edition is that notifications on your phone can be turned off during workouts so that you’re not distracted by texts, calls, or social media posts. There’s no need to take your phone out while you’re working out-the Apple Watch will tell you when it’s time to drink water, go into a different workout mode, or switch intensity settings.

Sound and Connectivity

A major new feature of the Apple Watch Series 8 is built-in cellular service. It connects to a carrier’s voice and data network, so it doesn’t need to be close to your phone. Plus, with LTE service on board, I could walk anywhere without my phone and still take calls and texts. 

When you make a call from an Apple Watch, there’s no noticeable lag or delay. In fact, audio quality was noticeably better compared to other smartwatches that rely on Bluetooth for sound transmission. The speaker was also surprisingly loud and clear when talking with someone on the watch during a call or FaceTime video chat. 

But don’t expect top-notch music playback, as the speakers aren’t designed for high-fidelity audio. But they are sufficient enough to fill a room with sound at moderate volume levels. My favorite part about having a cellular connection. 

Being able to leave my iPhone behind without missing any calls or messages. If you’re looking for an Apple Watch, this one is well worth considering. For me, the Apple Watch Series 8 felt like the company finally made a smartwatch worthy of its namesake.

Battery Life & Charging 

The Apple Watch is known for its great battery life and how quickly it charges. That’s still true for the Apple Watch Series 8, which can last up to 18 hours with heavy use and 30 hours with light use. 

It takes an hour to charge from zero percent, though it will charge faster if you turn the watch off when not in use. For instance, when I charged my Apple Watch Series 8 after a one-hour workout on Wednesday morning, it had 10% left by noon. 

However, I charged my Apple Watch Series 7 only halfway after that same workout on Monday morning and didn’t have enough power to get through a workday without needing a top-up around 5 p.m. Apple claims this is because Apple Watch Series 8 has more powerful components, but I’m not convinced. 

Either way, both watches are good choices if you want all-day battery life and fast charging times. If you’re looking for an Apple Watch that’s stylish and functional, the Apple Watch Series 8 is worth considering.

This image shows the Apple watch series 8.
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Overall Verdict – Should you buy it?

We liked the Apple watch series 8 because it looks great and performs even better. If you’re looking for a perfect watch to take you anywhere, this is the one for you. Plus, it’s affordable without giving up any of the bells and whistles found in more expensive models. 

We can’t wait to see what’s next from Apple in the future. Apple has done an excellent job with the Apple Watch Series 8, and we hope they continue this trend. Apple Watch Series 8 took everything that was good about their previous generations and made them better. 

They took features like heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking, car crash detection, ECG, and water resistance. All of these are now standard across the Apple line, which means you don’t have to worry about upgrading your watch every time Apple releases a new model. 

The best thing about these reviews is that we get to tell you about all of our favorites as soon as they come out! Stay tuned for more updates on Apple and other consumer products coming soon. I hope you enjoyed my detailed review. If you still have any questions in your mind so feel free to comment down below!