Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 Review: A Great Budget Laptop

The Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 Is A Powerful Machine for Gamers and Professionals.

This image shows the Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 in the hands of a disabled man.

Pros & Cons

  • Fantastic sleek design
  • Good display quality
  • Great ports & Connectivity
  • Solid performance
  • Top-Notch battery life
  • Overall, an excellent performer
  • It heats up under heavy usage
  • Average display functionality

If you’re looking for a quality laptop on the cheap, you need to take the Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 into consideration. In this review, I’ll go over the best features of this laptop as well as things to look out for. 

When it comes down to it, this budget laptop from Dell hits every mark it needs to make it one of the top budget laptops you can buy today. Here’s everything you need to know about this great budget laptop!

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About The Product

The Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 is a laptop, that gives you all the specs and a detailed look at what it’s like to use this budget laptop. The Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 is a budget laptop that offers great performance for its price, plus it has some nice features, such as an HD display and a backlit keyboard. 

This is one of the best laptops for those who are looking for a lower-cost PC but still want quality hardware. This laptop is perfect for students or someone on a tight budget. 

It has enough power to do basic tasks and excels in areas where it counts: graphics, screen size, and battery life. Also, If you’re looking for something more than just emailing, watching Netflix, and social media browsing, then this Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 is also your best choice. 

From gamers to business professionals, the Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 will have no problem handling anything you throw at it. Let’s dive into the full review of it.

Price & Configurations

The Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 is a budget-friendly laptop with a full HD display, Intel Core i7-12700H processor, 16GB RAM, and 1TB HDD storage. Features like the backlit keyboard and two USB ports make this laptop perfect for working in dark environments. 

The price starts at $1299.00 which is an excellent deal for this type of computer. Dell offers other configurations as well, but they are not as cheap as the base model. 

If you’re looking to save some money without sacrificing quality or performance, this Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 will help you find your best match!

Design & build quality

The Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 is a 2-in-1 laptop with a touchscreen that’s made for budget-conscious consumers. This model provides sleek, powerful performance and an affordable price point.

This image shows the Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420.

The keyboard has a good layout and travel, but it’s not backlit. The touchpad is also responsive and accurate; when you click or use gestures, the input registers immediately onscreen. It weighs about 3.7 pounds and measures 0.75 inches thick, so it should be easy to transport in your bag without adding much bulk. 

The Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 is a budget laptop that doesn’t skimp on quality. It’s made with only the best materials for durability and longevity, so you know it’ll last for years to come. It has a sleek design that offers great ergonomics and typing comfort thanks to its large keyboard. 

Its solid-state drive ensures fast startup times and speedy application loading. With all these qualities plus others like long battery life, you can see why this Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 deserves five stars!


The Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 is a budget laptop that has a lot to offer. It’s not the most powerful, but it can handle your everyday tasks with ease and features a beautiful HD screen. 

With its low price point, this laptop is perfect for those who want to get their feet wet with Windows 11 Pro without spending too much money. The screen of the Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 laptop is a full HD ‎2240 x 1400 pixels display. 

The screen is clear and sharp, but the colors are not as vibrant as the more expensive laptops. The screen has a LED backlight and offers wide viewing angles. It also features a premium quality 16:10 aspect ratio. 

This image shows the Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 laptop.

As expected with most laptops in this price range, the Dell Inspiron 14 Plus also comes with touchscreen capabilities. The Dell Inspiron 14 Plus has an anti-glare matte finish that doesn’t interfere with your screen brightness or clarity. 

The laptop’s screen is remarkably responsive to touch commands as well. In short, the Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 is one of the best budget laptops on the market today. If you are looking for a simple computer to do basic browsing and office work, this is the laptop for you. 

However, the Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 will show that despite these setbacks, it’s still an excellent laptop for its price range. If you’re looking for a laptop that has a beautiful display and simple functionality, look no further than Dell’s Inspiron 14 Plus 7420!

Keyboard And Touchpad

The Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420  has a full-sized backlit keyboard with a numeric keypad and a touchpad. The keyboard is of the chiclet variety, with keys that are spaced well enough for typing accuracy. 

There is also a row of function keys above the number pad for quick access to common Windows functions such as display brightness, volume, and media playback controls. The keyboard is comfortable to type on and makes good use of backlighting. 

The touchpad is wide and responsive, with discrete left and right mouse buttons beneath it. It supports gestures including multi-finger scrolling and tapping with two fingers to click. Unfortunately, there’s no support for pinch zooming. 

This image shows the Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 laptop.

I’m not crazy about the size of the touchpad which can sometimes be an issue when using two hands or moving your hand from one corner to another. You might have to reposition your thumb on occasion depending on what you’re doing. 

The touchpad surface was smooth and accurate though. I recommend this laptop if you’re looking for a budget-friendly computer with good specs!

Ports & Webcam

The Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 has an HDMI port, two USB 3.0 ports, a single USB 2.0 port, a headphone/microphone combo jack, and an SD card reader. In addition to that, there are a plethora of connectivity options which include an RJ45 Ethernet port as well as 802.11ax WiFi built-in! 

There is a DVD drive if you still want to use physical media (plus DVD playback software). One downside of this laptop is that there is no optical drive included. The Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 has plenty of features that you will enjoy using on your laptop. 

With these specs, it is hard not to see why so many people buy this product. We recommend Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 for anyone looking for something affordable with great performance. 

The Dell Inspiron 14 7420 laptop has a good quality HD webcam which is above average for a budget laptop. The video quality on the camera is about what you would expect for the price point which makes video conferencing easier. 

Overall, this laptop is perfect for someone looking for performance at a budget price. This is perfect for anyone who wants to use Skype or other internet calling services and doesn’t want to spend more than $1500.

Performance and Specs

The Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 is a budget laptop that performs remarkably well, has an excellent battery life, and comes with a number of useful ports. 

The Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 Specs show a great range of features for its price point including Windows 11 Pro, 16GB DDR5 RAM, 1TB HDD storage space, and an Intel Core i7-12700H Processor. 

The Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 highlights these features as well as details some of its drawbacks including its slow 5400 RPM HDD drive which impacts loading times for programs. 

The Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 provides other information about the various specs and offers a detailed look at the hardware specifications and what you can expect from the performance of this affordable laptop. 

Overall, it’s safe to say that for a budget laptop, you can expect good performance from Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420. This budget laptop performs well across all activities, including music and video streaming, image editing, and gaming. 

The Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 comes equipped with an ‎Intel Iris Xe Graphics or NVIDIA GeForce RTX3050 graphics card, meaning it will easily run most games on low or medium settings. If you’re looking for a lightweight laptop that won’t break the bank, Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 might be just what you need.

Battery life & charging

The battery life on the Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 is solid, with a 9-hour charge time. The laptop also has a quick charge feature that will get you up to 80% in just an hour. The Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 is very good for the price. 

When you’re ready to go, just close up your laptop and use it as a tablet or prop it up with its built-in kickstand. You can also slide an optional Dell Active Pen into a slot on the side of your screen for quick and easy note-taking. 

There’s nothing worse than being in class or at work and having your laptop run out of battery when you need it most. The Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 gives you more time to do what you need to do. It also offers a beautiful HD display and long-lasting battery life, perfect for working on presentations all day. 

Weighing in at less than 4 pounds and measuring 14 inches wide by 8 inches deep by 0.75 inches thick, Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 is great for traveling between classes, meetings, or clients.

Audio & Sound

I was really surprised by the sound quality of this laptop. It’s crisp, clear, and not tinny at all. The speakers are on the sides of the keyboard so if you’re watching a movie or listening to music with headphones on you can easily hear it from either side of the screen. 

One feature that Dell did mention in their description is that there is an audio jack on the front right-hand corner of the Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420. The sound quality that Dell offers in their low-budget laptops is seriously impressive. 

The power of these speakers is great, and I wouldn’t mind watching a few movies with friends on one of these laptops. One feature that stood out to me was that you could plug your headphones into either side of the screen if you wanted to listen privately without disturbing others around you. 

The sound quality is also fantastic, making this a perfect laptop for those who like to watch TV shows and listen to music without any issues. My favorite part of Dell’s lower-priced models though has got to be how aesthetically pleasing they are. I would highly recommend this laptop to anyone looking for a high-quality budget option!

This image shows the Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 on the table.
Image credit: digitaltrends

Final Verdict – Should You Buy It?

The Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 is a great budget laptop for those who need something that works well and doesn’t cost too much. The Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 has everything you could want out of a laptop, but it’s not the best in any one category. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s worth taking a look at.

In terms of build quality, there are some problems with flex on the back panel and keyboard hinge. If you’re going to be moving around with this laptop often, then this may be an issue for you. 

However, overall the machine seems well built and looks good from what we can see from this distance (looks very similar to other Dell laptops). 

The Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 packs a 12th Generation Intel Core i7-12700H processor, 16GB of RAM, and 1TB of storage, which is plenty for most people’s needs. 

It also includes Bluetooth, 802.11ax WiFi, and a 1080p webcam. For all these features combined, the Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420 comes at just under $1500. So, What are you waiting for? Grab it now!

That’s it, guys! I hope you enjoyed my detailed review and know anything about this new laptop. If you still have any questions in your mind so feel free to comment down below!

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