Furious Father Takes Deadly Revenge on Daughter’s Boyfriend for Allegedly Selling Her into Sex Trafficking

A tragic incident has unfolded in Spokane, Washington, where a father is alleged to have killed his daughter’s 19-year-old boyfriend after discovering he had sold her to a sex-trafficking ring for a sum of $1,000. John Eisenman, aged 60, is said to have repeatedly stabbed Aaron Sorenson before leaving his body in the trunk of a car, where it remained undiscovered for almost a year. The car was eventually traced back to Eisenman, leading to his arrest.

Despite the suspect’s claims that his daughter had been sold into sex trafficking, the police have not been able to corroborate this information and no investigation into sex trafficking in the area is currently taking place. The police have also stated that vigilante-type crimes are not condoned and people should not take the law into their own hands.

According to reports, Eisenman waited for Sorenson to arrive at his residence before abducting him. He tied him up and locked him in the trunk of a car. Eisenman proceeded to hit Sorenson in the head with a cinder block, followed by multiple stabbings that resulted in his death. The perpetrator then drove the car to a secluded area in North Spokane County and left the body in the trunk of the abandoned vehicle.

The discovery of the body was made by Amber Hellerman’s partner and friend, who stumbled upon it while looking around the abandoned car. Eisenman has no recent convictions for violence, and is currently being held on a $1 million bond in Washington state.

The unfortunate event is a poignant reminder that individuals who take justice into their own hands face grave consequences. It is crucial to permit law enforcement agencies to conduct thorough investigations and manage criminal matters professionally.

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