HP Envy X360 2022 (15) Review: A Sleek and Powerful 2-in-1 Laptop

A great laptop for those who want a powerful machine that is still portable.

This image shows the HP Envy X360 2022.
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Pros & Cons

  • Good design
  • Fantastic display
  • Great value for the price
  • Awesome performance
  • Decent battery life
  • Overall, an excellent 2-in-1 machine
  • Little heavy
  • Average camera quality

For more than 10 years, HP has been producing some of the best laptops on the market, and with the newest iteration of its flagship Envy laptop series, HP isn’t slowing down any time soon. 

The HP Envy X360 2022 (15) comes with plenty of power and flexibility that you won’t find with most other mid-range laptops, making it one of the best 15-inch 2-in-1 laptops you can find today.

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Introduction to the HP Envy X360 2022

The HP Envy x360 2022 is a sleek, powerful two-in-one laptop that offers excellent performance. With its 15.6-inch touchscreen display, it’s easy to use as either a laptop or tablet for your everyday needs. 

The HP Envy x360 2022 is an all-around great option if you’re looking for a versatile device with high performance at a reasonable price. Its dual-core Intel Core i7 processor and 64GB of RAM can handle most tasks with ease. It has a full HD touchscreen display and offers three different modes of operation – notebook, tablet, and tent mode – so you can work in whichever way suits your mood on the day. 

This device also includes 2TB of SSD storage space which will give you ample room to store any files and media you have on hand. You’ll find plenty of USB ports for connecting accessories like mice and printers. 

The HP Envy x360 2022 also comes with a backlit keyboard, so typing won’t be such a strain even in low-light environments. Let’s dive into the detailed review of it.

Price & Configurations

The HP Envy X360 2022 is a sleek, powerful 2-in-1 laptop that offers great performance for the price. With an Intel Core i7 CPU, 64GB of RAM, and 2TB SSD, it offers top-of-the-line performance for a price that is about $1273 cheaper than other laptops with comparable specs. 

The HP Envy X360 2022 is also a lighter laptop, weighing in at 3.75 pounds, which makes it easy to carry around when you are on the go. You can use the HP Envy X360 2022 as a tablet or as a laptop depending on your needs. 

Overall, we think that the HP Envy X360 2022 is an excellent choice for college students or business professionals who want a powerful laptop without breaking their budget.

Design & Build Quality

The HP Envy x360 2022 is solidly built, with a sturdy hinge to support the weight of the screen when it’s in use. The brushed metal finish is smooth to the touch and feels reassuringly expensive. The keyboard has good key travel, while trackpad buttons have a satisfying click to them. 

This image shows the HP Envy X360 2022.

The HP Envy x360 boasts excellent performance. It’s a good-looking machine too. We reviewed a silver HP Envy x360 in our hands-on, but it comes in black as well. There are subtle design differences between this laptop and last year’s model – it’s thinner and lighter, for instance – so there will be people who prefer one over the other. 

It’s thinner than last year’s model, but still has a great feel in your hands. The metal chassis is smooth to the touch. It feels expensive, like a Macbook or an HP Spectre laptop. HP uses high-quality materials throughout the HP Envy x360 2022. 

When it came time to review this PC I had trouble taking my eyes off its sleek 15 display and bright colors. HP advertises this laptop as a 2-in-1 device and they live up to their claim. That means both tablet and laptop modes are very doable. 

In tablet mode, it feels solid enough thanks to the battery down below keeping things steady. In laptop mode, typing is accurate thanks to the full-size layout HP used here. But if you’re looking for a powerful Windows 11 Pro laptop that won’t take up all your space on your desk, you should give the HP Envy x360 2022 serious consideration. 

Hardware, Specs & Keyboard

The HP Envy X360 2022 has a sleek, attractive design that is both lightweight and durable. The keyboard is responsive with excellent tactile feedback, it’s backlit which cannot be an issue in low-light environments. 

The HP Envy X360 features a 360-degree hinge that allows the display to fold back all the way so you can use it like a tablet. It weighs only 3.75 pounds and measures about 0.9 inches thick making this laptop feel light and comfortable to carry around. 

It also packs some serious horsepower under the hood as it comes equipped with a powerful 12th generation Intel Core i7 processor coupled with 64GB of RAM for handling demanding tasks like gaming or video editing on the go. 

And while the HP Envy X360 comes standard with just 16/32 GB of RAM and 512GB SSD storage space, it also supports up to 64 GB of DDR4 memory as well as up to 2TB SSD storage space. There are Ports: 2x USB 3.0 Type A, 1x Thunderbolt 4 with USB4 Type-C, 1x Headset, and 1x HDMI into the device as well. 

HP Envy X360 2022 detailed specs may include a 15.6-inch diagonal screen size with 1920 x 1080 resolution and an 8GB Graphics Card powered by ‎Intel Iris Xe Graphics. 

HP Envy X360 2022 performance is capable of playing high-quality games and displaying them at a great level. Its battery life is impressive and its overall performance will meet any user’s expectations. With HP Envy X360 2022 specs, this is one laptop that deserves more attention than others.

Display & Audio Quality

The HP Envy X360 2022 is a sleek, powerful 2-in-1 laptop that features a 15.6-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The IPS touch screen allows for nice, wide viewing angles when watching movies or playing games. 

Viewing it from extreme angles won’t give you a washed-out or overly dark picture; it will stay true to what you see in more moderate viewing positions. The HP Envy X360 also has an IR camera on the top right corner of the bezel so you can easily log into your device using Windows Hello facial recognition without typing in any passwords. 

This image shows the HP Envy X360 2022.

And lastly, there’s no noticeable lag between touching the screen and seeing something happen onscreen. The HP speakers are clear when listening to music or watching Netflix, but they do not get particularly loud. You can still hear the audio clearly even at lower volumes, which means you won’t need to crank the volume up just for enjoying your favorite TV show. 

The HP Envy x360 comes with dual front-facing Bang & Olufsen speakers to give you a full multimedia experience. The sound is crisp, clear, and loud when listening to music or watching Netflix, but it doesn’t get too loud even at maximum volume. 

This makes it suitable for personal use in your bedroom or living room but won’t be ideal if you want to host a party. If you’re looking for great specs, then this HP Envy X360 2022 meets all your needs.

Software & Operating System

The HP Envy X360 2022 is a sleek and powerful 2-in-1 laptop that offers great performance. The HP Envy X360 2022 comes with Windows 11 Pro preinstalled. This product includes the features you would expect from an expensive high-end laptop such as a touchscreen display, touchscreen keyboard, backlit keyboard, and fingerprint reader. 

It also comes with plenty of ports for all your needs. Some people might find this machine to be too big for their liking. It has a Full HD display that’s perfect for watching movies or playing games on. 

The HP Envy X360 2022 includes Windows 11 Pro-64-bit that’s fully compatible with touchscreen controls. The operating system allows you to do everything from surfing the internet to creating multimedia projects. You can choose from Intel Core i7-1165G7, i7-1255U, and AMD Ryzen 5 5500U processors for optimum power when needed.  

There are four USB 3.0 ports for connecting external devices like hard drives or printers. HDMI output lets you connect to larger screens so others can see what you’re working on at home or in the office. 

You’ll also find Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, a fingerprint reader for secure logins, dual-band 802.11ax Wi-Fi for super fast internet speeds, and Gigabit Ethernet to connect to a wired network. Its 15.6 touch screen provides a premium viewing experience whether you’re watching videos or editing photos. 

The HP Envy X360’s most impressive feature may be its battery life which lasts up to 12 hours. If you want a device that’s lightweight but still delivers amazing battery life, then this HP Envy is for you! Overall, this HP Envy X360 2022 was found to be one of the best laptops on the market today. 

This image shows the HP Envy X360 2022.

Battery Life & Heat System

The HP Envy X360 2022 offers a battery life of up to 12 hours, which is a little lower than some other laptops. You can still enjoy up to 8 hours of video playback or 7 hours of web browsing on a single charge. 

The HP Envy X360 features a 45W USB Type-C charger, which lets you charge your laptop quickly. If you have a Quick Charge 3.0 wall adapter, it’ll take just one hour to fully charge your laptop. The HP Envy X360 charges quickly when you connect it to a compatible 45W or higher USB Type-C charger. 

It’ll take only one hour to go from zero to 100 percent battery life. The HP Envy X360 2022 is a sleek, lightweight laptop that has the power of a desktop. It features an Intel Core i7 CPU with up to 64 GB RAM and ‎a 3.5 GHz core_i7 ‎Intel Iris Xe Graphics graphics card, so you’ll never have to worry about lagging or freezing on your computer again! 

But if you’re worried about the heat build-up inside this high-performance laptop, then don’t be! HP engineers have been thoughtful enough to install dual fans for cooling and even ventilated vents for airflow. 

These features make it possible for the HP Envy X360 to dissipate heat quickly, allowing for longer use periods without worrying about overheating. With its beautiful design and powerful specs, the HP Envy X360 2022 is perfect for people who need something to get things done!

Value for Money & Recommendation

If you’re looking for a sleek, powerful, convertible laptop then the HP Envy X360 2022 is a solid choice. It’s not perfect but it does offer good performance, lots of storage space, and it’s very sleek. However, if you’re looking for something with a better keyboard or battery life this may not be for you. 

The HP Envy X360 2022 15 does have an HD screen which is nice to look at and offers enough brightness to work in direct sunlight. The trackpad on the HP Envy X360 2022 is also much improved from its predecessor so navigation has been improved as well. 

As I mentioned before the HP Envy X360 2022 is a bit heavy so keep that in mind when considering your purchase. There are tradeoffs here that need to be considered before deciding whether or not to buy. 

HP Envy X360 2022 does offer many features for the price and HP usually provides quality products so HP Envy X360 2022 should last you many years. All things considered, HP Envy X360 2022 is worth checking out!

This image shows the HP Envy X360 2022.

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Final Verdict – Should you buy it?

For a sleek and powerful 2-in-1 laptop, the HP Envy X360 2022 15 is a great choice. Its performance is up to date with the latest in technology, it’s lightweight for easy traveling, and offers plenty of storage space for all your files. 

I would highly recommend this device to anyone looking for a new laptop. If you’re not happy with your current laptop, you should check out the HP Envy X360 2022! I don’t think you could go wrong buying this device. With its excellent specs, and two USB 3.0 ports for quick data transfer, it can handle any task you throw at it.

The HP Envy X360 2022 also has an optical drive so you can watch DVDs or install software from discs. It also has a DVD drive so that you can watch DVDs or install software from discs. All in all, HP Envy X360 2022 (15) offers excellent value for the money and it doesn’t disappoint you for years and years. 

And yeah that’s it! I hope you enjoyed my detailed review and know anything that you want to know about this new flagship! If you still have any questions in your mind so feel free to comment down below or also don’t forget to subscribe to our daily blog post updates.

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