iPad Pro M2 2022 Review: The Future Of Tablets

A powerhouse tablet for professionals

This image shows the iPad Pro M2 2022.

Pros & Cons

  • Good attractive design
  • Beautiful big display
  • Solid M2 performance
  • Many new features
  • Top-Notch battery life
  • Overall, an excellent performer
  • Average front-facing camera
  • Minor changes from last year’s model

The iPad Pro M2 2022 has been hailed as the future of tablets by many industry experts due to its sleek design and massive touchscreen display. The tablet’s popularity skyrocketed in the weeks after it launched on the market, leading many analysts to predict that Apple will overtake Google and Amazon as the leader in tablet sales before the end of the year. 

Is this prediction likely? Will this new product be able to help Apple finally hit its growth target? To answer these questions, let’s take a look at the history of Apple, then examine the newest iPad Pro M2 2022 model in detail.

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The iPad Pro M2 2022 is the culmination of the tablet industry. With this device, you have access to all your favorite apps in one place and can work with documents, listen to music, watch a movie or TV show, and more. Plus, with its sleek design and powerful performance, the iPad Pro M2 is the only tablet for you. 

With an incredible 11/12-inch Retina display, an Apple M2 chip with 64-bit desktop-class architecture, and a stunning all-day battery life, you’ll love using your iPad Pro M2. You can multitask like never before and accomplish more in less time than ever before. 

In addition, the iPad Pro M2 features Face ID which uses advanced technology to securely unlock your iPad Pro M2 by scanning your face or approving purchases with a single glance.

With everything that this new device has to offer, it’s no wonder that we give it five stars out of five in our iPad Pro M2! Check out our iPad Pro M2 2022 detailed review for more details on this revolutionary device!

Price & Configurations

The iPad Pro M2 starts at $799 and tops out at $1899 for 2TB, and runs in five configurations. The lowest configuration is the iPad pro with 128GB, the second is 256GB, the third is 512GB, the fourth is 1TB, and lastly the fifth is 2TB. The iPad Pro 2022 comes in two sizes, 12.9 inches, and 11 inches. 

Both have a 1668 x 2388 pixels resolution with a 265ppi density which makes them among one the sharpest tablets on the market. The iPad Pro 2022 is Apple’s most powerful tablet on its line, it has an Apple M2 chip, with octa-core processor technology which makes it one of if not the most powerful mobile processors on a commercial product on market. 

It also has Face ID for easy login, FaceTime HD Camera for high-quality video calls, and Smart Keyboard Folio to turn the iPad into a full laptop replacement that doubles as a protective cover when closed. Overall, it’s a great flagship for the money!

Design and build quality

The iPad Pro M2 2022 is a well-built machine that offers a tablet experience unlike any other. With its sleek and comfortable design, the iPad Pro M2 is quickly becoming the new standard for tablets. It has all the ingredients to be one of the best iPads ever made.

This image shows the iPad Pro M2 2022 in the hands of a man.
Image credit: cnn

The iPad Pro 2022 is a tablet with an 11-inch screen that’s designed to replace your laptop. This is Apple’s first iPad Pro without a home button, which means Face ID replaces Touch ID for unlocking the device and making purchases. With this iPad Pro model being so new, there are not many cases on the market yet. 

The iPad Pro M2’s build quality is fantastic. It feels sturdy in your hand and has a sleek, stylish design. The iPad Pro M2 comes with a Retina display so the text is sharper than ever before. The iPad Pro M2’s performance is on par with that of a laptop. 

Its camera is excellent for pictures as well as video calls. Overall, if you are looking to replace your laptop with a tablet, then you should take a look at iPad Pro M2. It is one of Apple’s most advanced tablets yet and is faster than any other in its class.


The iPad Pro M2 is the future of tablets. It is a sleek and powerful device that is perfect for both personal use and work. With an 11-inch screen and the latest iOS, this tablet has everything you need for your everyday life. It has a 1668 x 2388 pixels resolution with 265 ppi density, and display pixels are just short of being Retina quality. 

The screen quality is the most noticeable difference between this tablet and the iPad Mini. It’s made with high-quality, scratch-resistant glass that also has an anti-reflective coating. This means you can see your content clearly in any lighting condition. 

This image shows the display of the iPad Pro M2 2022.

The display also includes True Tone technology which adjusts the color temperature to match the light around you for more accurate colors. And, unlike some tablets on the market, there’s no home button—which means no fingerprint smudges or greasy fingers! 

You’ll need to unlock it using Face ID, but we find it much easier than having to type in our password all the time. If you use your iPad at night, you know how difficult it can be to read off a screen that has a bluish tint. 

With Retina display and True Tone technology, however, it’s easy to read in any lighting condition. Whether you use your tablet for work or entertainment, a new iPad can help keep you organized and focused. With so many options, it’s hard to go wrong with the iPad Pro 2022.

Hardware & Performance

The iPad Pro M2 is impressive, with an 11-inch touch display the tablet has a faster refresh rate and is capable of showing high-resolution videos. The battery life lasts up to 12 hours, which is excellent for an iPad, and the gadget includes an Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. 

Apple has stepped up with its new iPad Pro, and it features improvements to hardware, software, and accessories. It’s even more efficient than previous models as far as power consumption is concerned. What else? iPad Pro M2 specs are incredibly fast. 

An iPad Pro can take on tasks that would typically be reserved for laptops and desktops, making them excellent choices for students or business professionals. Apple’s iPad is a great choice for business. Professionals can use iPads to access email, documents, and presentations on the go – all without having to carry a laptop.

iPads are also powerful enough for graphic design, video editing, music production, and other creative professions. And in addition to working on creative projects at home or in coffee shops around town, iPad Pros have plenty of applications in education. 

With long battery life and many tools like iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Keynote and Numbers preloaded on the device there’s no limit to what you can do. Apple’s iPad Pro M2 concludes by saying this product is ideal for creatives, academics, and business people alike.

Camera Quality & Experience

The iPad Pro M2 2022 has a 12-megapixel and 10-mp camera on the back that captures photos and video in 1080p. The quality of the footage is crisp and clear, but nothing spectacular. Plus, the lack of a secondary camera makes it hard to take portrait shots or Instagram-worthy selfies. 

The front-facing camera does provide good quality but lacks depth-sensing technology which makes it difficult to edit videos or capture images with depth of field. That said, both cameras are good enough for the average person and will certainly satisfy those who want to snap some quick shots on their tablet while traveling abroad. 

This image shows the camera result of the iPad Pro M2 2022.
Image credit: cnn

The iPad Pro M2 comes with a built-in front camera and a secondary (12 mp) camera on its back that can capture 1080p high-definition video and photos. Both cameras have autofocus and touch focus so you don’t have to mess around with manual settings. 

There’s also an LED flash on the back for low-light situations. It’s worth noting that there’s no option for 4K recording, which may be disappointing to some consumers looking to use this as a primary camera. One upside to the iPad Pro M2 camera is editing because using iOS apps like Snapseed is really intuitive and easy. 

You can retouch pictures or trim down video clips without any difficulty at all. What we do recommend is investing in a lens kit if you plan on taking your iPad Pro M2 with you when shooting photos or videos. Our favorite kit is from Photojojo and includes two lenses – one macro lens that offers up-close detail and another wide-angle lens to get more of the background in each shot. 

We also love the fact that it comes with a carrying case which is perfect for people who want to travel light. Overall, the camera quality is absolutely great and fantastic!

Processor & Specs

The iPad Pro M2 2022 runs on an Apple M2 chip with a ten-core CPU and an octa-core CPU. It has an 11-inch Retina display, four speakers, and supports the Apple Pencil. It’s available in three different storage capacities, 256GB, 512GB, or 2TB. 

And it comes with 8GB of RAM as standard and up to 16GB. To see how it works in practice, we put it through our industry-standard benchmarking suite. Our iPad Pro M2 review unit came with 256GB storage, an Apple M2 chipset, 8GB RAM, and an 11-inch display. 

We ran our standard battery test for 18 hours, which involves continuous Web browsing over Wi-Fi. How does it stack up against its competition? Our iPad Pro M2 unit cost just $50 more than an entry-level iPad and comes with twice as much storage. Its battery life is longer, too. If you’re looking for something that can compete with a laptop, the iPad Pro 2022 is your best bet.

Software, Features & Value

The iPad Pro M2 is one of the most powerful tablets on the market today. This device excels in both functions and design, a hallmark of Apple products. The first thing to note about this tablet is its slim form factor, which makes it easier to hold with one hand for extended periods. 

This image shows the iPad Pro M2 2022.
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With a width of 9.75 inches and a height of 7.03 inches, it’s easy to fit into any bag or backpack without adding too much weight. The iPad Pro 2022 runs on the latest iOS 16.1, a software platform that is loved by consumers for its simplicity. There’s no need to hunt around for certain apps because everything you need is right at your fingertips. 

For example, if you’re writing an email and want to attach a file from Dropbox, all you have to do is swipe up on the bottom of the screen where all your files are listed. You can also type in what you’re looking for instead of scrolling through pages and pages of options. 

These gestures make using the iPad Pro M2 much more streamlined than other touchscreen devices, like iPhones. This device has an 11-inch screen, which is a perfect size for one-handed use and watching videos. The screen is also bright enough to be read even in direct sunlight, thanks to its 600 nits brightness rating. 

In addition, there’s a True Tone feature that adapts the color temperature to match different light sources. The iPad Pro M2 features four speakers (two on each side), which produce high-quality sound compared to smaller tablets. Other great features include Bluetooth 5.3, Touch ID, and a 12MP rear camera with optical image stabilization. 

As far as negatives go, there isn’t anything major to point out except for the price tag – this iPad starts at $799 USD. But considering the cost of competitors like Microsoft Surface Pro 9, the iPad Pro 2022 is actually reasonably priced when taking into account its features.

Keyboard Experience

The iPad Pro M2 2022 is a tablet with a full keyboard, and it’s the best one I’ve ever used. The keys are well-spaced, they’re accurate, and they have a good amount of travel to them. It also has an intuitive layout – the Delete key is where you’d expect it to be for example. 

There’s also a button in the lower right that lets you switch between typing and handwriting input which is useful if you want to do some sketching as well. The keyboard comes on when you open the iPad Pro M2 from its sleep state. To turn off the keyboard just swipe up from the bottom edge of your screen like you would to exit an app or scroll through your list of home screens. 

You can also toggle the keyboard on and off using a dedicated button at the top left corner of your iPad Pro M2 2022. The iPad Pro 2022 does away with the physical Home button and includes Face ID instead, which lets you unlock your device by looking at it. 

One thing that stands out about this design is how thin the iPad Pro M2 2022 is; it’s only 6.8 millimeters thick and weighs 1 pound. That makes the iPad Pro M2 2022 easy to hold while watching movies or playing games, but heavy enough so it doesn’t feel flimsy. Overall, the keyboard experience is awesome for me and you also won’t regret it when you got hands on it!

Apple Pencil & Hover

The Apple Pencil and Hover features are the iPad Pro’s two most defining features. With the Apple Pencil, you can create all sorts of drawings, sketches, and paintings. And with Hover, you can use your iPad like a computer to surf the internet and open apps. 

This image shows the iPad Pro M2 2022.
Image credit: slashgear

The iPad Pro 2022 is also able to run multiple programs at once by opening them in different windows. Apple Pencil and Hover are two features that make using an iPad a much different experience than using any other tablet. You can use the Apple Pencil as a paintbrush or pencil and draw or sketch whatever comes to mind on the screen. 

When you’re done, simply close out of the app and continue working on another one without having to disconnect anything. If you want to go back to work on what you were drawing before, just tap where it was previously open and start drawing again! That way you never lose your place and you always have room for creativity. 

With the iPad Pro’s support for hovering and multitasking, you will get more done faster than ever before. It’s easier than ever to be creative with the Apple Pencil and design products, write stories, or even do homework. 

Plus you don’t need a keyboard for those who prefer the touchscreen keyboard over physical keyboards. This iPad Pro 2022 has gone over everything from the charging system to how good the graphics are. From how well the Apple Pencil works to how easy it is to switch between apps with hover mode.

Battery Life & Charging

The battery life on the iPad Pro M2 2022 is one of its best features, lasting for about 12 hours before you need to plug it in. It comes with a big 7538 mAh battery life. When plugged in, the tablet charges quickly and does not get hot at all. 

This is a huge improvement from the previous generation. The new Apple Pencil has also improved, with a 12-hour battery life instead of 9, and it charges fast as well. One new feature I absolutely love is that you can now charge your iPad while it’s in its case. 

This, along with even faster charging times and improved battery life on Apple Pencil makes me never have to worry about getting caught without enough battery. If you are looking for a lightweight, powerful device that lasts long without having to be charged every day then this is perfect for you. 

The battery is one of my favorite aspects of this iPad Pro. You will not regret upgrading to the iPad Pro M2 2022 if you use your iPad often! In addition to all these great features, the iPad Pro’s battery life is unparalleled. With up to 12 hours of battery life between charges, you’ll never have to worry about finding a charger while you’re out and about.

This image shows the iPad Pro M2 2022.
Image credit: medium

Conclusion – Should you buy it?

This iPad Pro M2 2022 concludes that the future for tablets is in the iPad. With a new, high-powered processor and many more features than any other tablet on the market, this is something that everyone who wants a tablet should consider buying. 

While you could get a cheaper tablet, or even buy last year’s model and save some money, it doesn’t offer what makes an iPad so special. If you want to have a fast device that can work as well in bed at night as it does on your kitchen table at breakfast, then spending a little more is worth it. You will not be disappointed with the iPad Pro M2 2022. 

And that’s all guys! I hope you enjoyed my detailed review and know anything that you want to know about this new amazing device. If you still have any questions in your mind so feel free to comment down below or also don’t forget to subscribe to our daily blog post updates!