Is Chromebooks Worth It In 2022? Ultimate Guide

Chromebooks are a good substitute for more expensive Windows or Mac systems these days.

This image shows the Acer Chromebook in white color in the table.

So, one question I still get asked a surprising amount in 2022 is are Chromebooks still worth it? Unlike the humble netbook for instance which had a shorter life expectancy than the average. Lemon Chromebooks are still going strong with manufacturers like hp, Acer, and Izu staffing.

Out fresh new chrome west devices with surprising regularity, Chromebooks are often a lot more affordable compared to their Windows counterparts. Not to mention more portable with longer battery life, but are they still a worthy investment in 2022. Well here’s all you need to know, and a big thanks to MediaTek for sponsoring these videos cheers guys.

So, one of the biggest most important advantages that chrome os machines have over regular laptops is their portability. Most Chromebooks are skinny and super lightweight so, ideal for chucking in a backpack and lugging around all day long even if you’re a weedy slob like me. With pepper army arms and a bad back, this here is whose flip cm3 for instance weighs just over a kilo, and at its, thickest point is well under two Centimeters.

This image shows the Acer Chromebook in tilt shape.

Is a Chromebook sufficient for my needs?

It’s only a 12-inch device that will even fit in a respectively sized handbag or you can even slip it inside of your kid’s backpack and get that lazy weed bugger to carry it around for you. Instead and despite that compact design most Chromebooks like the flip cm3, here are tougher than two twin johnson’s gaffer tape together then put up with all kinds of punishment perfect for a long life on the road and another highlight of the flip cm3, in particular, is its flexible design like a few other Chromebooks you’ve got a 360-degree hinge.

Here, so you can flip it, oh hence the name is right, I get it now you can flip it into a tablet-style device at any time and really take advantage of that touch screen. Great news if you’ve got any artistic talent and you wish to ejaculate your imagination onto a virtual canvas and you usually have stylus support as well so you can go nuts you can sketch you can take notes to do whatever you need to do with impressive comfort and precision.

A while some laptops do tend to overheat over time which can result in quite sluggish performance especially the more compact ones where the airflow perhaps isn’t quite as good. Thankfully Chromebooks tend to use more energy-efficient components so it’s very rare to see them heating up to the point where they’re slowing down.

The flips cm3 and many other Chromebooks are powered by a MediaTek chipset here, it is a companion 820 a multi-core ai processor and this can handle an abundance of chrome tabs photo editor and background removal during zoom calls even some light gaming when you’re enjoying a quick bit of downtime.

laptop, chromebook, notebook-5175029.jpg

And even despite the dependable performance of most chrome west devices also enjoy day-long battery life no matter what you are up to again. That’s thanks to the energy-efficient internals using the flip cm3 to work in chrome and edit picks.

All those standard laptop features that you love or at the very least require are generally found on Chromebook features like a built-in camera for instance you can skype or zoom in with your workmates and also even built-in mics so you can chat with them without wearing a headset. If you can’t really be bothered with that and like laptops, Chromebooks, still, come with an awful lot of choices to meet whatever needs you have. So, for instance, you could spend as little as 100 150 quid on a Chromebook just for your basic web surfing and emailing.

Or alternatively, you can staff out hundreds of pounds on a top-end model with a gorgeous hdr ready screen perfect for creative tasks or just kicking back again with a bit. Chromebooks are also an ideal and affordable option if your kid happens to need some sort of device to help them with their school work or just to keep them quiet while you’re trying to get a bit of bloody peace.

They’ve got fast access to google drive google classrooms, etc, and again that portable design is perfect for smaller people and chrome os also has a fantastic selection of parental tools built-in. We’re talking timers for apps filters for the dodgy material all that good stuff, in fact, the west even asks you when you’re setting it up. 

This image shows the two Chromebook is in the table.

What may a Chromebook be used for?

If it’s going to be used by your child and then guide you through the entire process it’s nice and simple so those are some of the more compelling reasons for buying yourself a Chromebook in 2022. But, what about the flip side what about the bad stuff well for one thing bear in mind that many Chromebooks don’t bear as many ports as their laptop rivals. The Asus flip cm3, for instance, offers just a pair of type-c USB ports and a type-a port alongside your memory card slot.

And that is your whack and to be fair that’s still a pretty respectable setup for connecting your various peripherals. And all the rest but if you do want to hook up you know a display or two as well as you know connecting various other accessories like, mice then you will probably end up having to invest in a bulky cumbersome hub.

And another downside of Chrome OS VS A Windows Laptop is that you don’t have quite as much free reign when it comes to the software. Chrome OS can run a massive selection of apps downloaded directly from the google play store but it is limited compared with a standard laptop that can freely download applications from the internet plus games from lots of popular services such as steam.

Said through google did just recently announce that it will be introducing steam support for a select number of Chromebooks. The more powerful chrome os devices basically you can always get stuck into some cloud gaming using google’s own stadia or the likes of Nvidia’s GeForce Now and of course, Chromebooks are designed to live online.

This image shows the Samsung Chromebook in the leaf.

So, if you’re not too comfortable with having all of your work stored in the cloud you know the likes of google docs and google drive for instance, then Chromebooks are probably all gonna be for you but in the end of course it all comes down to your own personal needs what’s best for you.

If your priorities are definitely a more compact portable device with incredible battery life and just a general simplicity and ease of use then chrome os is definitely well worth it. Investing in so anyway that’s my roundup of our Chromebook still worth it in 2022.