LG Gram 17 2022 Review: The Best Laptop For Travelers

Introducing the LG Gram 17 2022 – the world’s lightest 17-inch laptop!

This image shows the LG Gram 17 2022.

Pros & Cons

  • Very light and thin laptop
  • Brighter 17-inch display
  • Top-Notch performance
  • Beautiful and comfy keyboard
  • Solid battery life
  • Overall, an excellent performer
  • Typical audio quality
  • A laptop may appear fragile

Laptops are often so expensive that it’s hard to imagine how much worse they could possibly get in the future. At least, that was my assumption until I came across the LG Gram 17 2022. 

The moment I saw this $1499 laptop, I was sold. Here’s what you need to know about LG’s new laptop, and why it’s going to change the industry as we know it today.

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First Impressions After Using It For A While

I have been using my LG gram 17 2022 for two weeks and I love it! The specs are amazing, the battery life is phenomenal, and it is easy to use. Although there are a few things that could be improved. It would be great if there was more storage space on this laptop, as well as a better camera. 

Overall, I am really happy with my purchase! I think LG did an amazing job designing a lightweight laptop that has incredible specs and features at an affordable price. I would recommend this laptop to anyone who wants a portable computer with great performance. 

LG is known for its high-quality products and the LG Gram 17 2022 does not disappoint. And while it’s only 0.6 thin and weighs less than 3 pounds, the LG gram 17 2022 still packs an Intel Core i7 Processor (12th Gen), making it one of the most powerful laptops in its class. 

Alongside other impressive specifications, such as up to 16GB LPDDR5 Memory and up to 1TB SSD Storage Space, the LG gram 17 2022 provides excellent performance. 

Another benefit of the LG gram 17 2022 is its long-lasting battery life. So whether you’re looking for a gaming laptop or just something light and compact for everyday use, this might just be the perfect fit. 

Price & Configurations

The LG Gram 17 2022 comes in four configurations with prices starting at $1399. The base model has a 12th Gen Intel Evo i7-1260P and 512GB of storage, but if you’re looking for something more powerful, the next step up is priced at $1,446 at a discounted price right now. 

This configuration (Our base model) features an Intel Evo 12th Gen i7 1260P Processor, 16GB LPDDR5 of RAM,  and 1TB of storage. The next higher config offers 128GB PCIe NVMe SSD and 32GB DDR5 5200MHz SODIMM memory. 

There are also two other versions to choose from which offer 1TB or 2TB of storage on the M2 PCIe NVMe drive, and 16 or 32 GB DDR5 5200 MHz RAM. You can also add on a backlit keyboard for an additional $149, which will make it easier to type in low-light situations. 

In terms of weight, the LG Gram 17 2022 weighs about 2.98 pounds without its power supply. LG designed this laptop to be used as a tablet or laptop, so there’s no built-in stand like some laptops have. 

It does come with three USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI port, and one RJ45 Ethernet port though. Overall, the LG Gram 17 2022 really worth the price tag. It’s an impressive purchase in 2022!

Design and Build Quality

The build quality of the LG Gram 17 2022 is phenomenal. The only downside is that there are some minor creaks in the keyboard and lid when you push on them, but otherwise, it feels really sturdy. The screen is also a pleasure to look at because of its deep blacks, bright colors, and wide viewing angles. 

This image shows the LG Gram 17 2022.

The speakers are also very powerful and can fill up a small room with sound without distortion. One thing I loved about the LG Gram 17 2022 was the backlit keyboard made typing easier in dark conditions. 

However, if you’re looking for a laptop for serious gaming or video editing, then this might not be for you due to its relatively low-end specs. Still, I think this laptop is well worth the price if what you need is something light and portable that doesn’t skimp on features.

As for connectivity, it has two USB-C ports, two USB 3.2 ports, a headphone jack, a full-sized HDMI port, and an SD card reader. What would make me want to buy the LG Gram 17 2022? Well, as I said before, it’s lightweight and comfortable to use on your lap or desk. 

Plus, its design makes it easy to bring around and travel with. It also has a good battery life so you won’t have to charge often. And finally, it has great specs for the price which means you’re getting more bang for your buck.

Quick Specs Overview

The LG Gram 17 2022 Specs are impressive for a laptop this size, with a powerful Intel Evo 12th Gen i7 1260P Processor and 16GB LPDDR5 of RAM. It also has a 17-inch full HD display and 1TB NVMe SSD storage. Battery life is up to 12 hours when browsing the web on Wi-Fi. 

The LG Gram 17 2022 is worth waiting for as it performs well in all aspects and is an excellent buy at under $1,500 USD. The LG Gram 17 2022 Display is large and responsive, the keyboard is comfortable to type on, even though there is no backlighting. 

The trackpad is a bit narrow but has a good texture. The LG Gram 17 2022 Specifications are impressive for such a lightweight computer. With such great specs and a very affordable price tag, this machine is highly recommended. 

Keyboard and Trackpad Quality

The keyboard on the LG gram 17 2022 is made of silicone, which makes it very pleasant to type on. The keys are also slightly elevated and spaced out well, making for a comfortable experience for both touch typists and people who prefer typing with their fingers. 

This image shows the LG Gram 17 2022.

The trackpad is smooth and responsive, making it a pleasure to use. It’s not too large or small, and the buttons are great for lefties. Additionally, there’s no notch on the LG Gram 17 2022 that cuts into your hands while using the trackpad as other laptops do. 

LG makes a big deal about its keyboard being military-grade drop-tested, but that doesn’t mean much when you see what LG has done with it. They’ve got full-sized backlit keys with 5 levels of brightness, as well as dedicated multimedia and volume controls. 

The LG Gram 17 2022 is actually one of the best keyboards we’ve seen in a long time. We really can’t say enough about how nice it is to type on. In fact, if typing is something you’re looking for in a new laptop, then the LG Gram 17 2022 should be at the top of your list.

Display Quality & Viewing Angles

LG has really outdone itself with this new laptop. The screen is bright and easy to see from all angles, which makes it perfect for watching Netflix or a movie on long flights. With a resolution of 2560×1600, you can watch movies in full HD without any lag or stuttering. 

The display on this laptop has a pretty standard 16:10 ratio, but the colors look fantastic. LG Gram 17 2022’s screen doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles in terms of features; you’ll find basic HD resolution, an IPS panel, and good viewing angles. 

This image shows the display of the LG Gram 17 2022.

But if you want a pure viewing experience, then you can’t go wrong with a high-quality IPS panel as LG has put into their laptops. The colors are nice and saturated, and they come through without appearing too washed out or over-saturated. 

The color balance is great, and all you need to do to fine-tune it for your tastes is adjust your Windows display settings. Watching movies or YouTube videos on Netflix is so much fun on LG laptops because you can see everything without any blurry or cloudy sections of grainy video. 

LG really outdid themselves with these displays. If you’re looking for a laptop that will give you a pure viewing experience, then I would highly recommend one of LG’s laptops. They make beautiful screens that won’t cause any blurriness or cloudiness when watching a movie on Netflix. 

You’ll get a better quality viewing experience than many other laptops, not just those made by LG. You can’t go wrong with LG’s quality screens!

Software & Performance

The LG Gram 17 2022 is a lightweight and reliable laptop that has all of the necessary features for a student in need of portability. Aside from having a lightweight design, LG has made sure that its customers get high performance. With an Intel Evo 12th Gen i7 1260P Processor, 16GB of RAM, and 1TB SSD, this laptop is equipped to handle most tasks with ease. 

These specs will provide you with the best browsing experience possible. The battery life is also outstanding, lasting up to 12 hours on a single charge. This is by far one of the lightest laptops on the market weighing in at only 2.98 pounds! 

The first thing that you’ll notice about any laptop is its design and weight. If you want to be able to lug it around school all day, you’re going to want something that’s lightweight and portable. 

So, that your back doesn’t get tired when carrying it around campus from lecture to lecture or to your next class. Aside from great software and hardware performance, LG Gram 17 2022 comes with some other nice features that make it worth the wait. 

Some notable things include two USB 3.2 Type C ports, Windows 11 Hello Face Recognition Technology, an awesome webcam with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), Bang & Olufsen Quad Dolby Sound System, and a sleek aluminum design. 

Along with the LG Gram’s two-year warranty, LG also provides complimentary one-year membership to McAfee LiveSafe. McAfee LiveSafe is antivirus software that protects against viruses, malware, ransomware, and spyware. LG offers all of these incredible features while still maintaining its goal to create products that are both eco-friendly and powerful. 

It is said that LG wanted their new laptop line to set them apart from competitors like Dell, Lenovo, and Apple. Their plan was successful because they have created a beautiful product that not only looks good but performs well too. 

Audio & Ports

The speakers on this laptop are quite good for a device of this size. The highs and lows are clear without distortion, and the volume is plenty loud enough to fill a room with sound. The bass, however, is not as strong as I would expect from a machine of this size. 

This image shows the ports & connectivity of the LG Gram 17 2022.

Listening to music through my headphones was a pleasurable experience. The highs and lows were clear and distinct, creating a full sound that I have not yet heard from any laptop I have used. 

The LG Gram 17 2022 also includes Dolby Atmos software, which helps create a 3D sound effect to immerse you in your favorite audio. If you are using a compatible set of headphones, it can make your listening experience feel like you’re at an actual live concert. 

Since there are two display options, you can connect to external displays and projectors. In addition, since both models support Wi-Fi connectivity, you can easily share your laptop with other people in a meeting without wires. 

Other notable ports include an HDMI port (1), Thunderbolt 4 support, a microSD card reader, two USB 3.2 ports, an audio jack, and a headphone jack. This comes in handy if you need to charge your phone while using your laptop or listen to music via headphones

Battery Life & Charging

The battery life is one of the best features of this laptop. It can last up to 12 to 14 hours on a single charge. The downside is that it doesn’t have an in-built charging cable, so you need to purchase a compatible charger separately. In terms of weight, this laptop weighs just 2.98 pounds which is surprisingly light for its size. 

LG claims that it can run 12 hours on a single charge, but I have managed to get 13-14 hours easily. The charging time also depends on how much power your machine uses, but generally, it takes about 1 hour to fully charge the LG Gram 17 2022. 

One more thing – there is no built-in charging cable and LG charges USD 79.99 for a charger, so be sure to buy one before using the laptop. For me, LG Gram 17 2022 has great specs and battery life at a very reasonable price. 

If you are looking for a compact and affordable computer with good specs and battery life then the LG Gram 17 2022 is worth considering! And if you’re wondering whether or not to go ahead and buy the LG Gram 17 2022 – I say go for it!

This image shows the LG Gram 17 2022.

Final Verdict – Should you buy it?

The LG Gram 17 2022 is worth the wait. It has all of the specs that you want in a laptop, like a thin and light design, a 12th Gen Intel Core processor, and Windows 11. If you’re looking for a laptop that will last for years to come, then this is it. 

My LG Gram 17 2022 came with a two-year warranty, so I’m confident that my laptop will be around until 2024! The LG Gram comes with 16/32GB of RAM as well as a 1/2TB SSD. For people who need more storage space, there is an external hard drive slot on the side of the laptop where you can store up to 2TB (2000 GB) worth of data. 

I’ve been using my LG Gram for about two weeks now and have had zero problems with it. With a battery life of 12 hours per charge, this LG Gram is perfect for any business traveler or student who needs their computer while they’re out and about. 

Plus, at only 2.98 pounds, it is easy to carry around. What makes the LG Gram 17 2022 stand out from other laptops? Well, it has all the necessary features that you would expect in a high-end laptop such as a slim design, powerful hardware, and Windows 11. 

One thing I love about this laptop is that it lasts for years. In fact, LG backs the LG Gram with a two-year warranty which means you can use your laptop until 2024! So, What are you waiting for? Grab it now!

And That’s It, Guys! I hope you enjoyed my detailed review and know anything that you want to know about this new flagship laptop. If you still have any questions in your mind so feel free to comment down below!

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