5 Reasons to Buy the Samsung Galaxy S22+ (and 1 Reason Not To)

Samsung Galaxy S22+ is a powerful device and it’s a great smartphone of an Era.

This image shows the 5 Reasons to Buy the Samsung Galaxy S22+.

We’ve heard people rave about the Samsung Galaxy S22+, both because it’s an attractive phone and because it’s packed with advanced features. 

For the right person, this could be a perfect choice, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for everyone – so what are the reasons to buy the Galaxy S22+? And what are some reasons not to buy it? Let’s take a look at both sides of the coin. Here are 5 reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G.

1. The Gear VR

The Gear VR is a virtual reality headset developed by Samsung Electronics, in collaboration with Oculus, and manufactured by Huizhou-based … This ingenious accessory lets you control a mouse pointer on your PC or laptop screen with simple head motions. 

The device uses a special sensor to track your movements via an infrared LED. As you move your head side-to-side, up and down, or forward and back, it sends corresponding commands that move the cursor accordingly. It’s great for browsing catalogs online. 

The only drawback is you have to sit close enough to your computer monitor so that it can detect your movements. However, if you’re using a wireless keyboard/mouse combo, then you’re good to go! 

You can even use it as a regular mouse replacement when using another desktop computer or if yours has gone kaput. 

You can also use it with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets—but keep in mind that holding them still might be difficult since they don’t come with any built-in way of stabilizing them during operation.

2. Edge-to-edge display

One of our favorite features of the new phone is its edge-to-edge display, which maximizes screen space. The phone itself isn’t much larger than previous models—it’s still very portable and light—but with its innovative infinity-U display, it’s essentially got a 6.6-inch screen in a package. 

And because there are no sharp edges, it feels just as comfortable in your hand as earlier Galaxy phones did. If you want more information about any specific feature or would like to look at pictures before you buy, take a look at our comprehensive review here: Why You Should Upgrade Your New Phone With a Samsung Galaxy S22+.

This image shows the Samsung Galaxy S22+ display.

This is one of those features that you don’t realize how much you need until you have it, and then can’t imagine using a phone without it. As one of our reviewers put it, the new design makes almost all content visible without having to shift around in your hand. 

And there are other advantages too: It’s easy for an onlooker standing next to you or looking over your shoulder on public transport or at a café to see what you’re doing, but because most of the screen is completely unobstructed by bezels, there’s no chance that they’ll accidentally see something you’d rather they didn’t. We just wish all phones came with edge-to-edge displays.

3. Battery life

The next thing you should look for is battery life. While you might be able to get away with charging your phone every day or two, if you’re going on vacation, there are a lot of ways that you can kill your battery without knowing it. 

The best way to avoid that is to go with a phone that has a long-lasting battery. With over 4500 mAh, you should have no problem enjoying all of your favorite apps without having to recharge all day long. 

You won’t need to worry about taking an extra charger along while you travel, either. You will be able to rely on one device for all of your travel needs. It’s also nice not having to think about plugging in when you wake up in the morning and getting ready for work! 

Your smartphone can last through anything! Plus, you won’t have to worry about carrying around another bulky charger in addition to everything else that you pack when traveling. 

There are lots of different chargers out there and some of them don’t even come close to being as reliable as others!

4. Metal body

Unlike other phones with metallic bodies, such as HTC’s One series or Apple’s iPhone 5 and 5S, the Galaxy S22+ comes with a metal body that doesn’t come across as flimsy. 

It feels really premium in your hand and won’t scratch easily thanks to its metal build. On top of that, it also has a smooth back which makes holding it comfortable even if you have small hands. In fact, due to its thin form factor, it’s pretty easy to handle in one hand – even if you’ve got average-sized palms!

If you’re into smartphones that look and feel more expensive than they actually are – that’s something worth considering. The downside? You might not like how slippery it is since there aren’t any grippy elements on its sides to keep it from sliding out of your hands.

With great specs under its hood, no wonder why people who want performance without sacrificing durability should consider buying this phone. 

The IP67 certification means you can submerge it in up to 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes – so accidental spills aren’t going to kill your phone. 

Aside from dust proofing and water resistance, there’s Corning Gorilla Glass 4 on both sides which protects against scratches and drops while adding extra durability against cracks when dropped at odd angles.

Also, check our full review of Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G.

5. Water-resistant

If you’re a beach bum or just enjoy spending time around water, you’ll love that the Samsung Galaxy S22+ is IP67 certified, meaning it can withstand being submerged in up to 3 feet of water for about 30 minutes. 

Great for those times when your phone may have accidentally fallen into a pool or ocean. This is also great if you frequently visit rainy areas and don’t want a drenched phone in your pocket or bag. 

Be aware though that exposing your phone to sand on a regular basis can cause damage. Make sure to clean off the sand as soon as possible with warm water and soap, if necessary.

If you’re planning on spending time by or near water, such as when you’re out swimming or boating, then one of your biggest concerns is keeping your phone safe from water damage. 

Although phones these days are water-resistant, they may not be completely waterproof—meaning that if exposed to liquids for too long, their internal components can become damaged. 

However, if you keep it in a waterproof case or simply bring along a microfiber cloth and towel with you, there’s no reason why your phone shouldn’t last throughout all of your water adventures. 

You should also remember that leaving it in a hot car for long periods of time can damage it, so make sure to avoid doing so whenever possible.

This image shows the Samsung Galaxy S22+.

1 Reason Not To Buy

While microSD expansion slots can be used to expand storage, they can also be troublesome. MicroSD cards are notoriously unreliable and it’s easy for them to get jammed in their slot. 

The last thing you want is your phone freezing or slowing down because of a faulty memory card. At least with a built-in storage solution, you don’t have to worry about that issue. 

If you’re looking for an affordable smartphone with lots of storage space, there are plenty of options out there. But if you’re looking for something sleeker and premium, then you’ll need to pay up for one of Samsung’s offerings. 

That being said, at $999 USD unlocked—or $83 per month over 12 months—the S22+ is an affordable device from a premium brand. And if buying unlocked means having fewer headaches later on, then it might just be worth paying up front.

Final thoughts

The Samsung Galaxy S22+ has a long list of awesome features. Many of them are cutting-edge and unique, meaning you’ll be able to get things done in new ways. 

If you think it could be helpful for your business, use these five reasons as a starting point for your own research into whether or not it’s right for you. Ultimately, though, only you can make that decision—so take some time with it!

If you’re still on the fence, here are a few reasons why you might not want to buy it. Some of these factors are deal-breakers for some people, while others may be minor enough that they can be worked around or ignored. 

However, if any of them resonate with you or pose a problem in your business—or if you want to take a look at something else—it might be worth reconsidering before you make your final decision. The bottom line is that no business tool is right for everyone. 

Your needs and preferences will vary depending on what kind of work you do and how you like to work. It’s up to you to decide whether or not a particular device will fit into your workflow.

Samsung Galaxy S22+ is an affordable device and it’s a great smartphone of an Era. Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments below!