A 23-year-old woman already has 11 children and wants more

Many individuals expressed admiration for Christina’s huge family and expressed concern about the potential challenges of raising so many children at once in response to news of her story.

Imagine being interrupted by not one, but eleven babies at the same time. Christina Ozturk, a 23-year-old woman, is living this life and couldn’t be happier. In fact, she wants to expand her family because she is so in love with children.

We spoke to the young mother to give viewers a glimpse into her life. In the end, you will discover a cute film about all the children.

Teenage mother

Christina gave birth to Victoria when she was 17 years old. She was a single mother, but when she met her future husband on vacation, her life changed forever. He claims he proposed to her after falling in love with her at first sight and asking her to have many children with him.

The formula for the greatest family ever

Most of Christina’s children are the same age and were born around the same time! She and her husband decided to use surrogacy to grow their family quickly because it is impossible to have so many children at once. She is still their biological mother, although she did not give birth to all of them. The couple wants many more children, although they have not yet decided on a specific number.

Babies require the help of the whole village.

Her wealthy partner, 56, is a fantastic dad who makes sure the family’s needs are met. They have nannies and a number of assistants who help Christina take the best care of the children.

A day as usual for Christina

According to Christina, her husband and she each took on some of the responsibilities. She watches the kids while he deals with work. They usually accompany children on board games, walks, and to the cinema. They set aside weekends to spend time together as a family, and regardless of the day, they always find time to eat.

Having a large family can certainly be difficult, but for those who have the means and support to make it work, it can also be very gratifying. In the end, each family has to decide what suits them and their specific conditions best.

See how the group organizes itself for the photo shoot.

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  1. Connie S Parker

    I feel one birth at a time gives each child more love and attention, so many are like a litter. In the animal world (and we are animals even if we don’t admit it) not every baby in a litter get equal attention.

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