A 67-year-old woman with a black belt in martial arts was attacked by an intruder who was unaware of her skills.

Lorenza Marrujo’s incredible bravery and quick thinking prevented a potentially tragic outcome for her neighbor and friend Elizabeth McCray.

Lorenzo Marrujo, about 5 feet tall and a senior citizen, appeared to be an easy target for the intruders who were searching the senior complex.

Lorenzo trained in martial arts for over 20 years, yet he was no match for the intruder.

Lorenza stood up to a thief who broke into her apartment in California.

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Lorenza claimed that when he approached her, she screamed back.

The intruder gave Lorenzo one more look before leaving her apartment, but she didn’t have to wait long before she heard a cry. Unfortunately, the thief next targeted Elizabeth McCray, her 81-year-old neighbor and friend.

She was shaken until she fell to the ground, but Lorenzo wasn’t about to let him hurt her friend, so she intervened after the police were called.

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Lorenzo holds a black belt in martial arts after 26 years of experience.

Elizabeth warns Lorenzo to be careful because “she’s going to kill them.”

Not tonight, Lorenza said. Lorenza said, “She put herself between Elizabeth and him.” She jumped on him, held the staff to his neck, and pounded on him.

He cried, “You hurt me, you hurt me!” when she twisted his arm. He has no right to assault an elderly person, she retorted. She doesn’t care what happens to him.

Lorenzo was able to hold the intruder down until the police arrived.

After being taken to the hospital, Elizabeth was later released. The accused was detained.

Who knows what would have happened to Elizabeth if Lorenzo hadn’t defeated the intruder, even if the police urged people not to do the same?

Lorenza Marrujo’s courage and martial arts training saved her friend from injury and prevented a potentially tragic outcome. Her story serves as an inspiration and reminder of the importance of self-defense and the power of martial arts.

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