A collection of 15 brain teasers designed to challenge your mind and push it to its limits.

In addition to being intended to amuse us, brain puzzles can also help us develop our cognitive abilities. Few people can initially decipher their codes because it takes a keen eye, solid arithmetic abilities, and attention to detail.

You’ve received some of the trickiest puzzles from Bright Side that will put your intelligence to the test. Are you ready for it?

1. Could you assist her in locating her prince?

2. Can you identify the odd ones?

3. Which container contains the most liquid?

4. Is the diamond band somewhere?

5. Make the groups match. Which one is missing?

6. Who is in charge?

7. What is the last number?

8. Which is different?

9. Can you identify the five Differences?

10. Can you locate the odd flower?

11. The number of rings.

12. What is contained in each jar?

13. Can you find a solution?

14. Which balloon is the child holding?

15. Can you locate the odd letter?

Which task did you find the most challenging? Which one did you successfully complete on your first try?

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