A family member will adopt the child of the Florida deputy officers who committed suicide.

The terrible story of Victoria Pacheco and Clayton Osteen touched the hearts of many people around the world. Because the couple decided to take their own lives, their young son Jayce is now an orphan and in need of a good home.

A simple reminder that life is great. With whom you feel comfortable, express yourself. Still, don’t give up. You are not yourself.

Just before midnight on New Year’s Eve, former US Marine Clayton Osteen decided to take his own life. Their one-month-old son Jayce Osteen has left an orphan as his girlfriend, co-worker, and mother, Victoria Pacheco, also died.

Osteen’s friend Kelly Riddle set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for Jayce. All donations will be put to good use for a better future for the child.

The good news is that the angel would be adopted by a “close family member”. Kelly even expressed gratitude for all the support and prayers received on the website.

Those who have followed Jayce’s story may also find comfort and relief in the news that a close family member has agreed to adopt him.

 A small but important silver lining in this otherwise dire scenario is the knowledge that he will be surrounded by people who love him and who will give him the care and attention he needs.

Bless the little child who is cared for and healed by many angels. May no child ever experience the loss of this child? So small, so innocent, so honest…

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