A waitress had been serving a grumpy veteran for seven years before he passed away. Later, a lawyer appeared at her doorstep.

Those who have experience working in the food industry know that occasional unpleasant interactions with customers are familiar. It is possible for a dissatisfied customer to behave consistently badly over a long period of time, despite their long-standing and persistent negative attitude.

For over seven years, Melina, a waitress in Brownsville, Texas, has taken care of Walter, a somewhat grumpy customer. The 89-year-old World War II veteran wasn’t always the easiest customer. He was regularly interested in the food and service. He didn’t exactly have a pleasant attitude. Yet Melina never expressed any hatred or animosity towards Walter. She always greeted him with a smile. Remarkably, Walter would also smile in return.

Walter suddenly stopped visiting the restaurant. Melina asked why he stopped eating in the cafeteria. Melina figured it out by reading the obituaries. Walter sadly passed away. Melina liked to see him in the restaurant, even though he was sometimes tough. She missed the sour customer and felt depressed.

Melina had a stunning surprise a week after Walter died. When the late veteran’s lawyer shows up at the Cafe, he reveals that Walter included Melina in his will. Walter enjoyed Melina’s friendliness towards him. He only left her $50,000 and a car. At his advanced age, her smile made him feel good. Melina pointed out that a smile cannot be overlooked and advised individuals to follow the clear rule of “smile at others even if they don’t smile back”.

It is therefore no surprise that Walter eventually decided to include Melina in his will, realizing the value of her kindness and the difference it made in his life.
Anyone who hears the story of waitress Melina and veteran Walter is likely to cheer. Let everyone know about the benefits and money-making opportunities with a friendly smile.

Melina and Walter’s heartwarming story serves as a reminder of the power of kindness and the value of making meaningful connections with others. Despite Walter’s gruff demeanor, Melina persistently treated him with warmth and respect, demonstrating the importance of empathy and compassion in the service industry.

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