A lot of families incorporate grandmothers while observing Mother’s Day, yet one lady contended the occasion ought to be held for youthful mothers. ©tiktok In a now-viral TikTok video

In a now-viral TikTok video, the woman encouraged grandparents to “slow back” and not demand visits or consideration from grandkids on the holiday. Sophia, a New York-based mother, has a message for grandparents around the country: ”It is no longer about you.” I’m sure this will be a divisive viewpoint,” Sophia remarked at the start of the video. “If you’re a grandmother, you should step down on Mother’s Day.”

She went on to argue that women with younger children should be the priority. “If your daughter has children, let the father or children indulge her for the day,” Sophia said.

“And if your son has children, allow him to pamper his wife, partner, or mother of his children on that day.” Sophia clarified that this is not mean that grandmothers should receive nothing. “You should always send flowers or make an effort to celebrate on an alternate day,” she advises. However, Sophia noted that flying back and forth to spend Mother’s Day with both spouses’ families made balancing Mother’s Day events difficult. She explained that it’s incredibly frustrating for someone who has really small children and wants to finally get to enjoy Mother’s Day. You never truly get a day to celebrate yourself.

Another viewer pointed out that there is a Grandparents Day when grandparents can be celebrated and that Mother’s Day is for spending time with your own mother. They noted that the other 364 days of the year, your spouse can celebrate you.

The controversy sparked by Sophia’s TikTok video highlights the different expectations and priorities that people have around Mother’s Day. While some see it as a day to honor all mothers, others believe it should be a day to focus on younger mothers with small children. Ultimately, the decision on how to celebrate Mother’s Day is a personal one, and each family should do what works best for them.

Sophia said again at the end of the video, “Step down, grandmas.” “The moment has come.” Sophia’s viewpoint was controversial with some, but many exhausted mothers felt that honoring Mother’s Day as a true day off would be quite pleasant. In the comments, one viewer remarked that you are completely correct. I agree with you, and I took care of it last year. The day before we see my husband’s mother, and the day before I honor my mother. But she’s fine and doesn’t mind what day it is since she’s had that Sunday in May as her own for over 30 years “a fellow mother said A grandma debated in the comments that she completely disagreed. Mother’s Day, not Wife’s Day. If you want to rejoice, wait till your children can treat you rather than your spouse. We had paid our dues, she continued. Another viewer noted, “They have a GRANDPARENTS Day when you may be celebrated.” “MOTHER’S DAY has arrived. You spend it with YOUR MOTHER, end of story “A viewer was adamant. “The other 364 days of the year, your spouse may celebrate you.” “I have a two-year-old and I’m still doing things for everyone else,” bemoaned another young mother. “Precisely! My two-year-old did not buy his father a Father’s Day gift or plan his Father’s Day brunch,” Sophia, the original poster, agreed.

Regardless of the comments, Sophia maintained her position. She explains that she adores her mother, and her mother-in-law is wonderful. But does she really want to spend Mother’s Day rushing from one place to the next? she inquired. “No. I really want to chill in her PJs!”

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