ABC Legal Fires Sunny Hostin: Concerns over Lawsuits and Problematic Behavior

ABC Legal has terminated Sunny Hostin’s contract due to her problematic behavior, which has caused legal concerns for the network. According to insiders, the legal department had no other option but to take this action. ABC Lead Counsel, Joe Barron, stated that Hostin is a “lawsuit waiting to happen,” as she frequently says whatever she wants, causing trouble for the show. In fact, her behavior this season alone has been as problematic as Whoopi’s in the past decade.

Hostin’s spokesperson, Skip Tetheludah, defended her client’s actions, claiming that she was playing the part she was hired to play. However, Barron argues that her outbursts have been a significant issue. They have had to censor her profanity over a dozen times, re-shoot segments due to her facial expressions towards Meghan McCain, and deal with wardrobe malfunctions, including a side boob incident.

Due to all these problems, ABC Legal had to make a simple decision to terminate Hostin’s contract. They have given her a couple of weeks to find something else, but after that, she will no longer be associated with the network. Currently, there is no news on who will replace Hostin on the show, but some suggest Alyssa Milano could be a potential replacement. However, this idea is met with criticism, as it could make the show even more unwatchable. In conclusion, Hostin’s termination was necessary due to her problematic behavior, and the network hopes to move on and find a more suitable replacement.

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