After the staff declines to save an ape that is drowning, a guy leaps into a zoo enclosure.

The horrifying incident of a man’s selfless act when he saved a chimpanzee named JoJo from drowning is shown in a video published by Animal Planet. When Swope and his family visited the Detroit Zoo in 1990 to see the newly introduced chimpanzee exhibit, something unexpected happened. Visitors to zoos often see things like this happen, but what followed was simply amazing.

Untamed and Uncut – Chimp Rescue is a YouTube video published by Animal Planet. Rick Swope and his family visited the newly opened chimpanzee exhibit at the Detroit Zoo in 1990. Swope had no idea what would happen during his day. When a loud splash was reported, Swope and his family headed to the chimpanzee area. A chimpanzee ran into the moat surrounding the exhibit.

Chimpanzees are unable to float or swim. Since chimpanzees are primarily made up of muscle, not the body fat that humans have, they are puffier than humans. Swope realized he had to act immediately when he watched JoJo the chimpanzee fall and was in danger of drowning. He said: “This chimpanzee’s head was sticking out of the water and his arms were up. He was watching the crowd. He looked like he needed rescuing.”

Zoo staff and a keeper warned visitors to stay back. However, Swope jumped into the water when he realized that no one had gone to the exhibit to save JoJo. Swope tried to get JoJo to the edge of the bank where he could be rescued but eventually succeeded.

JoJo is no longer at the Detroit Zoo; it is unclear if he died or moved.

Swope’s bravery and selflessness are shown in the video, which shows the entire episode in its entirety. It also questions zoos’ commitment to protecting animals and their obligations to them. The zoo staff’s refusal to step in and save JoJo says a lot about how they feel about the animals in their care.

The video of Swope’s bravery in saving JoJo serves as a powerful lesson in the value of empathy and compassion for all living things. It serves as a reminder of the power of one person’s actions and a call to action for everyone to do their part to make the world a better place for people and animals.

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