Alternative to Toilet Paper: Bidets as a Hygiene Tool

A bidet is an item that can replace toilet paper and provide additional cleanliness using the toilet.

Bidets are also beneficial for individuals who suffer from digestive problems and for women during menstruation.

Using a bidet

Step #1. Follow your normal toilet routine before using the bidet. Using toilet paper is optional, it’s entirely up to you.

Step #2. Sit on the bidet. The choice of how you position yourself is entirely up to you, facing the faucet or with your back to it. If you opt for the former, it will be easier to turn on the water, although if you are wearing pants, you may have to take them off.

Step #3. Before approaching the faucet, be sure to adjust the water pressure and temperature to your preference. It is important to note that some models may have strong water pressure, so caution is advised.

Step #4. Adjust your position on the bidet until you feel the water flow to the areas you want to clean. This will help you to complete the task efficiently. Some bidets are designed like small tubs and can be filled with water.

Step #5. Clean the relevant parts of the body with your hands. It can be helpful to approach it as if you were taking a bath or shower, which can make the process easier.

Step #6. Get rid of any remaining water. You can use toilet paper or a towel to dry the water after washing. Some bidets come with a built-in dryer that you can use instead of a towel.

 Step #7. Remember to wash your hands with soap and water after using the bidet.

Instructions on how to use a bidet that is attached to the toilet.

There are bidets that attach to the toilet and look like small faucets. To use them, you simply need to adjust the water pressure and temperature while sitting on the toilet.

Alternatively, a shower head can be placed near the toilet. To use it, point the shower head to the toilet and press the button. Remember to wash your hands after using the bidet.

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