“An 82-year-old military veteran defended himself and his 79-year-old wife from a home intruder by shooting and killing him”

An elderly man in Aiken County, South Carolina was not about to let a burglar enter his home, possibly harm him and his wife, take whatever they needed, and then leave.

Herbert Parrish was ready to take action and prevent the thief from breaking into his house.

On Monday at 2:15 p.m., a burglary took place at the home of an elderly couple. The couple was not willing to let the burglar enter their home, harm them, take whatever they wanted, and leave.

The attack on the elderly woman happened in the early hours of the morning when an intruder broke into the couple’s house. The veteran, who was asleep in another room, heard the disturbance and hurried to his wife’s assistance. When he discovered the intruder assaulting her, he immediately action and killed him with many gunshots.

Runnels knocked on the couple’s back door and inquired about Lois Parrish, 79,’s chihuahua.
She reply back, saying she hadn’t.

As Lois was locking the door, Runnels allegedly pulled out a knife and began attacking her.
He thought they were going to die. Herbert predicted that he would kill them and take everything he could. He felt like he wouldn’t leave them behind by just walking out that door.

Runnels was soon knocked out by Herbert, who immediately grabbed the shotgun he had hanging on the wall next to the door.
An elderly couple was injured in a house attack, but
The couple’s son, who lives nearby, heard the shots and called the police. When they arrived, they found the intruder dead inside the house. The veteran and his wife were taken to hospital for injuries sustained during the attack, but both are expected to make a full recovery.

The veteran’s quick thinking and bravery have been praised
What do you think of Herbert retaliating and defending his wife and himself?

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