An innocent man serving a 400-year of prison time is exonerated.

The case of Sidney Holmes is just one of many cases where a man was wrongly convicted and sentenced to an absurdly long prison term. Such cases highlight the shortcomings of the criminal justice system and the need for comprehensive reforms to ensure that innocent individuals are not punished for crimes they did not commit.

That was the scene where a weeping mother hugged her freed son – who had served 34 years of a 400-year prison sentence.

After being found guilty in April 1989, Sidney Holmes, 57, was incarcerated in Florida’s Broward County Jail until his release late Monday.

When he was spotted driving a car similar to the one used in the carjacking at gunpoint weeks ago, he was immediately linked to the armed robbery.
However, since he contacted the State Attorney’s Office’s Conviction Review Unit in 2020 and pleaded “actually innocent,” authorities now believe he did not commit the crime.
After he was released, Holmes declared that he held no grudges: “I can’t have a grudge,” he remarked. You just need to keep moving

In the summer of 1988, Holmes was arrested after he was spotted driving a brown Oldsmobile Cutlass in South Florida.
The witness’s brother was robbed three weeks ago by someone in a similar car.
Two individuals jumped out of the vehicle and held it up at gunpoint as it pulled up next to the victim’s vehicle.
The driver, who did not match Holmes’ description, remained inside the vehicle.

As the driver of two armed robberies in 1984, Holmes was found guilty and authorities have been searching for him ever since.
This was despite the fact that the cars used in the crime and Holmes’ car had noticeable differences.
There were six witnesses willing to confirm that Holmes visited his parents’ house that day.

There were six witnesses willing to confirm that Holmes visited his parents’ house that day.
First, the victim did not recognize Holmes as the driver in a series of six photographs.

The victim chose Holmes from a later photo lineup. It apparently appeared in a number of lineups before being found.
Holmes was not recognized as the driver by the woman who was with the victim.
Despite this, Holmes was charged and given 400 years in prison.

Because of prior convictions for armed robbery in 1984, prosecutors originally sought 825 years in prison.
Prosecutor Peter Magrino said at the time: “The purpose of my motion and the extraordinarily long sentence is to ensure that he is not released from prison while he is still breathing.”
He said that because Holmes would have been eligible for parole after 25 years, he was not asking for a life sentence.
He justified the tougher term by saying that he did not identify the persons who were holding the car at gunpoint.

At the conclusion of the trial in April 1989, Holmes was found guilty.
According to the Broward State Attorney’s Office, “Holmes is not involved in the robbery” due to a lack of evidence.

Due in part to questionable lineup procedures in use at the time, the Conviction Review Unit decided that the witness’s identification was most likely a “misidentification”.
Last year, both victims expressed their opinion that Holmes should be released.

The Innocence Project of Florida claims that only ten of the state’s 84 exonerated people have received the $50,000 a year in wrongful death compensation for the incarceration they are supposed to receive.
Tony Hopps was released from Florida’s Hardee Correctional Facility on August 23, 2021.

He was jailed for 31 years before CRU lead attorney Teresa Hall ruled the state could no longer stand by his convictions for the armed burglary and armed robbery of an elderly couple in 1990.

Ultimately, the horrific case of Sidney Holmes serves as a reminder of the constant need for change in the criminal justice system. We must continue to work to create a fair, credible and just system that prevents innocent people from being held accountable for crimes they did not commit.

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  1. Prosecutors are the ones that ought to have to pay-up.. Some go to great lengths to win>>Maybe like the BLACK BOY trying to make a BIG NAME FOR HIMSELF IN NEW YORK TRYING TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!! Very well could be a set up. He even has the Crooked Democrats backing him..Guess we will find out??The law just got caught, and isn’t so tough when proved wrong!!!Think about trump before its too late!!!…………………..Earl.

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