Anheuser Busch CEO, Augustus Anheuser III, Apologizes for Bud Light’s Controversial LGBTQ Campaign

Anheuser Busch CEO, Augustus Anheuser III, has officially apologized for the Bud Light marketing campaign that promoted LGBTQ behaviors and lifestyles. He claims that he had no prior knowledge of this campaign and was taken aback by the insensitivity shown toward the company’s customers. In a statement obtained by the DKT, he expressed his regret and apologized to those who were offended by the campaign.

The Bud Light brand remains a top-selling beer at bars and nightclubs, but the typical retail customer base is composed of right-leaning Americans like Kid Rock. In response to the campaign, Kid Rock personally purchased and destroyed over $25,000 worth of the beverage. He has also committed to continuing this protest until every store in Detroit runs out of Bud Light. Despite the unlikelihood of Michigan’s Budweiser distributors running out of stock, many loyal customers have also recorded themselves destroying their personal stash of beer in a display of patriotism.

In light of the controversy, Anheuser has pledged to improve the company’s marketing strategy and has warned the new marketing director against the use of rainbow symbols on beer cans. It is clear that the company has suffered a significant loss in revenue due to the offensive campaign, and Anheuser’s apology is a step in the right direction for regaining the trust and loyalty of its customers.

37 thoughts on “Anheuser Busch CEO, Augustus Anheuser III, Apologizes for Bud Light’s Controversial LGBTQ Campaign”

  1. Bruce Allen Lorenz

    Augustus, you are a day late and a dollar short on this issue. This was a VP, you and you only are responsible for your Executive Staff. You shouldn’t need to be told this.

  2. God called these type of people abominations and said, those who do these evil things should be cut off from the people!!!
    Don’t let these people be accepted, two wrongs can’t make a right.

  3. Thank you for the apology but may take some time till we purchase bud light again, we do not like any kind of trans or lbtq push on us that is there choice not ours we do not condone the actions.

  4. Better keep a tighter rein on your employees. This was a total insult. I hope the ones responsible for this ridiculousness have been fired.

  5. Things like this just hurt the Trans community. It just give their detractors something to get all bent over. Why can’t we just let people be who they are. Don’t push them down some ones throat and don’t push against them. Everyone is Gods children. Let people be.

  6. I switched to Miller light. My philosophy is live and let live. I don’t flaunt anything in front of other people, and I expect the same in return from them. What is done in private is between the people participating. But don’t force me to participate anyway in something that is of no interest to me. I felt that if I continued to drink Budweiser then I was joining in and that is the reason I decided to switch my brand of beer.

  7. Fire your idiot advertisement employee. They must be a liberal freak. And America is sick of this woke ,Anti Christian, Unpatriotic disrespect that you expect people to put with. We the People will not buy anything that destroys this great country and it’s morales. Wake up stand up if you want to keep your business.

  8. The damage done by AB is deep and no forgiveness yet. We will not be near forgiveness, until way after that POS who thought of this is fired and gone for good. This firing must be very public, so as to indicate to others with this marketing death wish, that they must get a grip on reality.

  9. When I drink beer, it was bud light but until you woke companies wake up and start listening to the majority . I hope you and your new tranny enjoy all the bud light , cause no one that works and thinks straight thinks this is right ITS NOT!!!!! Enjoy your new customer base . Was it worth it?

  10. You took your eye off the ball. Conservative values is what helped make your company great. Get rid of the WOKE stuff, get rid of yor marketing mgr and VP that didn’t do the research and test the Ad and drove your bus over the cliff. Bring back the Clydesdale’s and family values and you can turn it around. Develop an Ad campaign that apologizes to your base and in a American values way.

  11. The marketing director was totally clueless, embarrassed her company and self by criticizing past marketing efforts and insulted the vast majority of Bud Light customers. She should be fired for cause.

  12. Valentino Passetti Sr.

    Anheuser Busch knew what they were doing all the way, period. In doing so Anheuser Busch showed the world and all their ex-customers how they truly feel. To late to take it all back, like all Woke Companies, I do not believe their words or apologies. Anheuser Busch proved they are weak and caves over a transvestite, sad, just another very weak American Company. Go Woke I Hope You Go Broke, and so many other small GREAT beers will grow, flourish, and eventually take the full place Anheuser Busch use to have here in Our America…

  13. It appears Agustus has learned that putting his faith in the PC Crowd, as opposed to the Americans funding his lavish lifestyle, was not such a good idea. Of course, blame everyone else, did you fire the marketing staff? For not showing you their ideas or what they wanted to do? It is YOUR company, one would think you would be a little more involved than that. He is now sucking up, but me thinks too late for that. Getting tips from politicians? Say what you think they want to hear? Classy that you offer an appology for insensitivity of customers. See, when one does not get PC and just does business so that everyone (LGBTQ, Straight, etc., all inclusive, male, female over 18), has the option of buying a beer, he gets paid. Now he will have offended the crowd he was trying to please with the new ad. Stop jumping on the bandwagon with everyone else and just make beer. Sell your product and dont get all political, as if you were offended all these years LGBTQ “behaviors and lifestyles” were buying and drinking it without you knowing. To be clear, I don’t even drink beer, just like to study the human race. Interesting creatures of all race, creeds and colors.

  14. How the hell did this country get in this messed up condition?? I told the wife years ago that some day the dope heads and idiots would be in charge when their generations voting would elect their like… To hell with the freak show, If a man wants to identify as a female that’s his stupid ideal but if he expects us to accept him as a female he can go to hell or the chitty chitty bang bang house….

  15. What would anyone expect him to say, His company is taking a big hit. Don’t forget to shit can your Jack Daniels

  16. He needs to do more than warn the marketing director about rainbows, he needs to fire her and make an example to marketing people everywhere! She’s obviously unqualified and doesn’t even understand her Market. I would think knowing who your customer base is would be step one and becoming the director of marketing!

  17. WOW! The “new marketing director” says Bud Light is basically a “tired” brand with its brand “declining” so what makes her think that addressing “social issues” will save the day. The .0004 percent of the population portrayed by her rainbow cans will change things. Heck, that demographic (small to say the least) probably won’t drink anything that doesn’t have a “flavor-added component” like orange, or apple, or cumquat. Me thinks Mr. Anheuser needs a “Newer” “New marketing director” for starters.

  18. The handwriting was on the wall. Too bad you did not read it in time. AB has become a front-line soldier in the war on making it legal for gays to rape children and what happens will decide the future of our Country. Goodbye AB, we will miss you.

  19. If you have employees, in charge of marketing, that are stupid enough to ok an add campaign like this you should fire them. I know if I had cost my employer that much money I would have been GONE !!

  20. Charles Vaughan

    Should never had happen. I have purchased bud for over 50 years. I will never purchase another product from this company. I will be buying PBR beer from now on. There is no excuse for this wokeness and hatred. Good luck with your trans purchases I don’t think there are enough of them to keep you in business.

  21. “warned the new marketing director” not FIRED!! One of the biggest most costly blunders in history . Lots of people have been fired for alot less than this

  22. steve mccormick

    And just like that I maintain my billions of dollars that I did nothing to earn.
    If i had your position I assure you I’d know what “my” marketing director was putting out. That gives the American public two choices,

    1. You knew what was going to be produced and shoved down America’s throat’s with little concern.

    2. You are so self absorbed with your families money and false since of importance’s that you don’t know what’s being produced by “your” company.

    You pick which of the two reason’s this happened. Either one tells America all they need to know about you & your company.

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