Antonio Brown Lambasts Colin Kaepernick, Calling Him Unwilling to Play Football Again

Antonio Brown, an NFL free agent, recently expressed his thoughts on former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, criticizing him and claiming that he doesn’t want to play professional football anymore. Kaepernick has been pleading with the NFL to give him another chance to play despite his previous statement where he compared the league to slavery. Although some people praise Kaepernick for his activism, Brown doesn’t agree with this sentiment and didn’t hold back in his criticism of the former quarterback during a podcast he participated in.

The host of the Cigar Talk podcast brought up Kaepernick’s situation, suggesting that the NFL has been shunning him for over five years because of his decision to kneel during the national anthem. However, Brown quickly shut down this narrative, stating that Kaepernick had already taken a deal that included money, a commercial, and even a documentary. Therefore, Brown believes that people should not feel sorry for him, and he expressed this sentiment by saying “F*** outta here. Oh, Kaepernick. Man, you on fing Nike, man. F outta here…” in the podcast.

Although the language in the video below contains profanity, Brown’s message was clear. He doesn’t think that people should pity Kaepernick because he has already received numerous opportunities despite his controversial actions. It is clear that Brown and Kaepernick have differing opinions on the situation, and only time will tell if Kaepernick will be given another chance to play professional football.

Antonio Brown Blasts Kaepernick’s Football Comeback

Antonio Brown did not stop at criticizing Colin Kaepernick’s desire to play professional football again. According to Brown, Kaepernick was not genuinely interested in coming back to the NFL. Brown claimed that Kaepernick had only taken the money and the commercial, but didn’t put in the work to make a true comeback. He even went as far as to say that Kaepernick was “trash” and hasn’t been seen outside since taking the deal.

Brown believes that Kaepernick is not representing the Black community in the way that he should. Although they are cool with each other, Brown expressed that they are not standing with Kaepernick because he is not from the hood, and he hasn’t been in the trenches. As a result, Brown thinks that Kaepernick needs to take responsibility for the handout he received and needs to do more to support the Black community.

While it is clear that Brown has a lot of criticism for Kaepernick, he also made it clear that he is not against him. However, Brown believes that Kaepernick needs to take more responsibility and show up more for the Black community. In Brown’s eyes, Kaepernick’s actions thus far have not been enough, and he needs to do more to show his support for the community.

Antonio Brown Rejects Comparisons to Colin Kaepernick

During a recent appearance on the podcast, Antonio Brown made it clear that he does not want to be compared to Colin Kaepernick. Brown referred to himself in the third person, saying “Colin Kaepernick not AB.” Brown went on to criticize Kaepernick by saying that he is not even from Liberty City, which is known for its gang violence. Brown believes that he, on the other hand, is a valuable football player, citing his stats and touchdowns from last year.

According to Fox News, Brown has been vocal about his struggles growing up in Liberty City. Brown doesn’t believe that Kaepernick has been mistreated in the way that the media portrays them. He seems to think that the media is painting a picture that is not accurate to the situation.

While it is clear that Brown does not want to be compared to Kaepernick, he also makes it clear that he has no ill will toward him. Brown simply believes that he is a better player and that Kaepernick has not faced the same struggles that he has.

Antonio Brown Believes Colin Kaepernick Has Been Treated Well

In a recent podcast, Antonio Brown dismissed the idea that Colin Kaepernick has been mistreated by the NFL. Brown argued that Kaepernick had been treated well, pointing out that he was given money, commercials, and even a Netflix documentary. He criticized the world’s perception of Kaepernick’s situation, noting that people often think he’s been treated unfairly because he’s not allowed to play football. However, Brown believes that the reality is different, and Kaepernick’s lack of football skills could be the main reason for his absence from the league.

While some see Kaepernick as a hero and a victim of racial injustice, others disagree with this narrative. Kaepernick’s final season with the 49ers was marred by an abysmal losing record, leading some to believe that his lack of talent is the reason he’s not playing football. Brown’s comments reflect this sentiment, as he points out that Kaepernick has made millions from his deals with Nike and Netflix. While it remains to be seen if Kaepernick will ever return to the NFL, Brown’s remarks suggest that there may not be a lot of sympathy for the former quarterback among some NFL players and fans.

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