Barbra Streisand’s Son Dubbed the ‘Million-Dollar Baby’ Before Birth

Barbra Streisand, the acclaimed director and actress, has only one child, a son named Jason Gould. She is extremely proud of him and has always been supportive of his life choices. In fact, she has opened up about Jason’s sexuality, revealing that he is a gay man who has always been forthcoming with his parents about his orientation. Streisand has always accepted her son for who he is, saying that she would never wish for him to be anything other than what he is.

Jason’s father, the actor Elliot Gould, has also spoken out about his relationship with Streisand and their son, despite the fact that the couple divorced many years ago. Despite their differences, both Streisand and Gould have always been there for Jason, supporting him and cheering him on throughout his life.

Interestingly, Jason may have cost his mother a significant sum of money before he was even born. He was apparently called the “million-dollar baby” because Streisand had to cancel a major tour due to her pregnancy. Nevertheless, she adores her son and celebrates his birthday every year, including his 56th birthday in December 2022, which she marked with a black and white throwback photo of the two of them on an airplane.

For Streisand, Jason is still her “honey,” even though he is now an adult. She wishes him all the best in life and hopes that he will continue to experience love, happiness, and fulfillment in both his personal and creative endeavors. Streisand feels truly blessed to have a child like Jason, who she describes as bright, kind, sensitive, caring, and conscientious. Like any parent, she believes that her child is particularly special, and she will always support him in whatever he chooses to do in life.

Barbra Streisand’s decision to prioritize her pregnancy in 1966 resulted in the cancellation of her upcoming twenty-city tour, which would have earned her over $1 million at the time. This decision led to her unborn child, Jason Gould, being referred to as the “million-dollar baby” by the media. However, Streisand found this label “offensive and crass,” as she did not care about losing money and felt that having a baby was a tangible success.

Despite the media attention, Streisand continued to prioritize her pregnancy, and Jason was born in December 1966. While Streisand and Elliot Gould, Jason’s father, divorced in 1971, they both maintained healthy relationships with their son over the years.

Jason grew up to follow in his parents’ footsteps, becoming an actor and director in his own right. He is best known for his work in films such as “Say Anything” (1989), “The Prince of Tides” (1991), and “Boys Life 3” (2000).

Despite the challenges of growing up in the spotlight and having famous parents, Jason has always remained grounded and true to himself. In fact, he has been open about his sexuality, revealing that he is a gay man who has always been forthcoming with his parents about his orientation. Streisand has always accepted her son for who he is, saying that she would never wish for him to be anything other than what he is.

Streisand’s decision to prioritize her pregnancy over her tour may have cost her a significant sum of money, but she has always felt that her tangible success was in having her son. Jason has grown up to be a successful and talented individual, and his parents could not be prouder of him. Despite their divorce, they both played important roles in his life, helping him to become the person he is today.

Although Barbra Streisand’s marriage to Elliot Gould ended in 1971, the relationship between Elliot and their son, Jason, remains strong and positive. Elliot Gould is a renowned actor who has starred in various films, such as “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice” (1969), a comedy for which he received an Oscar nomination, and “MAS*H” (1970), a popular television show. Additionally, he portrayed Reuben Tishkoff, an old-time con artist, in the movies “Ocean’s Eleven” (2001) and “Ocean’s Twelve” (2004).”

Following his split from Barbra, Elliot Gould entered into two marriages with actress Jennifer Bogart and had two children, namely Samuel and Molly. Despite the divorce, Gould disclosed in an interview in October 2017 that he maintains a close relationship with Streisand and their son and that they remained united. He stated that he assured Streisand of his commitment to remain involved in her life, even though they are no longer together. According to Gould, Streisand is an essential component of his life and is as significant as the rest of his family, while their son Jason is a vital part of their lives.

Gould also shared that they are still in touch with each other, and Streisand’s love for their child is palpable. When asked about Jason’s traits, Gould mentioned that he has inherited traits from both of them, including his eyes, intelligence, artistic abilities, and singing talents. Furthermore, he revealed that Jason and Streisand bear a resemblance to each other in some ways.

Elliot Gould has great respect for his former wife, and even though she remarried and had no children with her current husband, Emmy Award-winning actor James Brolin, they still maintain a friendly relationship. Gould mentioned that people have certain expectations about family dynamics, but it’s all about them. “People will presume how things should be, but things are the way they are. To me, it’s all about us. It’s not about any one part,” he said.

While Gould and Streisand don’t usually exchange material gifts, he always acknowledges her birthday. He also mentioned that James Brolin is very nice to him and that he is happy to see her happily married. Elliot Gould is proud of their son Jason’s success in the entertainment industry, where he followed in their footsteps and became an actor and director.

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