“Breath-Taking Moment” a Pregnant Woman Believes Deceased Father Was Angel Seen Kissing Her Unborn Child in Sonogram

A woman from San Diego who was five months pregnant posted an ultrasound image of her unborn child online. Eventually, messages began to pour in. Although some cheered for her, others noticed what appeared to be an angel kissing the baby. Shantel Carrillo discovered the latter while perusing the comments. She reportedly claimed that it was breathtaking. It actually did occur.

A closer inspection of the image revealed that it was her late father, not just any angel, who was embellishing it. Carrillo immediately reached for her father’s old photograph of her holding her first child and said, “It’s beautiful to look at and it’s a fantastic tale to share.” She continued by saying that witnessing that was truly like receiving a blow to the chest.

He appeared to be looking down at the infant in the picture, and Carrillo insisted that the ultrasound image’s striking resemblance to the photos when she closely compared the two was surprising. She claimed that because her father almost always wore a hat, it features his nose, a small double chin, and chubby cheeks. He seems to be exactly touching her with his lips and that bill.

Tragically, Carrillo’s father suffered a heart attack in 2016 and died abruptly at the age of 54. His daughter claims that he is still here and is keeping watch over his family with his soul. When asked if she thought her father was portrayed, she said that she couldn’t see it any other way because, if one knew her father, one would know that he adored being the focus of attention. gives her the impression that he is watching after her infant daughter, which is a great thing.

If her father had been alive, according to Carrillo, he would have been ecstatic about her second pregnancy. He appears to be totally delighted that she made the effort to make it to the occasion, judging by the image. She claimed that she thinks he is in some way integrating himself through this. She is certain that her father would be overjoyed about it.

The fact that her baby was due just a few days before her dad’s birthday added credence to her belief that the angel in the picture was truly her devoted father, who will always look over her family. Carrillo now has something tangible to give her the impression that her father is still alive, even though he has passed away.

Some people think that seeing angelic beings when pregnant is a sign of protection and that the angels are keeping an eye on both the mother and the unborn child. Some interpret it as a reassuring communication from a departed loved one, letting them know that they are still with them and taking care of them.

Many others have found solace and hope in the image of the angel comforting the unborn child, and the woman’s tale has received a lot of social media attention.

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