CBS Performance Over Sam Smith And Kin Grammys

Following his performance with Kim Patras in Germany last night, Sam Smith has encountered much backlash.

With some alleging that celebrities engage in Satanic rituals;

It now appears that there will be consequences.

Given that CBS might be penalized for the contentious performance.

Scroll down to learn more right away. Sam Smith is more than just a music sensation, but that is awesome in and of itself.

They serve as an example for many people.

The song’s author admitted that after coming out as “non-binary,” they encountered more difficulties than they anticipated.

And the news truly stunned a lot of Sam’s admirers because, more recently, Smith has gained notoriety as the face of the non-binary movement and a lot of folks who identify as non-binary have been featured in the media.

Yet before that, Smith was recognized as one of the most popular pop stars of the decade, paving the way for how we as a society approach and address gender conventions.

But before to that, Smith was better known as one of the decade’s most popular pop performers.

Smith, an English band from Cambridge shire, received their first significant break in 2012 thanks to their collaboration with Disclosure on the song “Latch.”

They received a record deal right away thanks to their partnership with Disclosure.

In the Lonely Hour, their debut album, included the lead single, “Lay Me Down,” which was released in early 2013. They frequently wrote songs about love and relationships with other guys, such as “Stay With Me” and “Too Good GOODBYES.”

Particularly the ideas in “The Lonely Hour” were created because of a heterosexual man’s romantic rejection.
Smith spoke openly about their sexuality in an interview with British GQ, describing how “not fitting in” may leave them feeling “very miserable and sad.”
The artist also spoke of “violent and dangerous experiences” they had with the LGBT community soon after relocating to London, acknowledging that they had to go to therapy to deal with the “Traumatic interactions,” but that wasn’t all they said.

Smith spoke candidly with actress Jameela Jamil about issues including popularity, confidence, and body image. They continued by acknowledging that they had felt conflicted emotions regarding their gender identity.
They were “chubby” and carried more estrogen in their chests as children, which made them self-conscious and more vulnerable to bullies, according to Smith.
Smith admitted, “I had breasts.” I used to convince my mother to send a note to the school when I was around 8 to get out of doing swimming lessons, so it’s always been a part of me.
But, it’s wonderful to see them being upfront about their background.

Even posting a topless photo with the caption: “In the past, if I were to do a photoshoot with even a t-shirt on, I would starve myself for weeks beforehand, then I would pick and prod at every shot, and I would typically take the picture down.” I made the decision to fight back yesterday. Take back control of my body and quit attempting to alter the curves on my hips, chest, and hips that my parents so lovingly created.

Smith’s gender identity has been a problem for them for years in addition to their weight.

In the interview, they claimed, “I’ve always had a little bit of a war going on within my body and my head.” I do occasionally have female thoughts in my head. I’ve occasionally wondered: “Do I desire a sex change? I continue to wonder, “Do I want to?” about it.

They had never previously talked about their gender identity.

I’ve always had open thoughts about sexuality, so I attempted to extend that to how I thought about gender as well. They added clarification by clarifying that they identify as genderqueer: non-binary/genderqueer refers to not identifying with a certain gender. You are an amalgam of various things. You are a unique invention of yourself.
Smith concluded that a true family is non-binary after reading up on the term.
As I read into the word “non-binary” and “genderqueer” and heard these folks speaking, I was like, “F**K that’s me,” and then the hitmaker released and they soon disclosed something.

their declaration that they desire to be referred to as gender-neutral and even want other people to use such terms. Thus, they wish to use them, they, and them instead of “he” and “him and his.”
Yet it wasn’t just a hasty choice.
“This is a decision Sam has thought long and hard about, including doing a lot of reading on about it, they know that it will take some people longer than others to really comprehend it,” a source close to the star said.
The request will first be sent to friends, and then it will also be forwarded to the music industry. For them, this is an exhilarating and historic period.
They have won many hearts.

Being hailed as an inspiration by many
Sam spoke with James Corden as well.
California’s Mountain View NOVEMBER 03: On November 3, 2019, in Mountain View, California, James Corden attends the 2020 Breakthrough Prize Red Carpet at NASA Ames Research Center.
Smith, though, has made news this week over a different Topic.
They turn to the stage to sing with German pop star and Trans icon Kim Petras after Smith’s contentious Grammy performance went viral.

singing “Uholy,” but it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea.
Someone commented: “Someone named Sam Smith performed a song called “Uholy” during the #Grammys dressed as Satan.”
they are brainwashing your kids

Sam Smith and Kim Patras performing their repulsive song, “Uholy,” at the 2023 Grammy Awards, was added by another. I didn’t want to upload this video, but I had to highlight how problematic the music business is. The devil is in this. Put an end to this GARBAGE. It is crafty! Go to Jesus.
“Grammy is just pure devil worship,” said a third. Just switched to it, and Sam Smith was essentially performing Demonic nonsense. It’s all so abhorrently ugly and gross.

Notwithstanding the critics, Smith and Petras appeared to have a nice night. They received a Grammy Award for the song in the category of Best Duo/Group Performance.

As I am the first transgender woman to receive this honour, Sam graciously asked me to accept it, Petras said. She also honoured “all the wonderful transgender legends before me who kicked these doors up for me so I could be her tonight.”

But, the debate has now reached a completely new level as it appears that CBS could be penalized for airing the performance.

18 complaints about the program were received by CBS and the FCC.
The network may have broken the law by showing the “obscene” footage, according to The Daily Mail.
It could result in a large fine for CBS.
The Janet Jackson Super Bowl scandal in 2004 cost the network money in the past.

Do you believe that the performance was illegal for broadcast?



10 thoughts on “CBS Performance Over Sam Smith And Kin Grammys”

  1. If it is not illegal then it should be. I am so sad that our world without God has come to this. We need to turn to Jesus and ask for forgiveness for all that we have done.

  2. Yes I believe CBS should be fined for allowing that horrific Satanic performance at the Grammy’s! Disgusting all the way!

  3. I guess if you believe Satan is a two legged, horned beast that wears a bright red costume and sings pop songs then you might have had issues with it. It’s all so ridiculous isn’t it? Just a little glitz, glamour, and ‘unholiness’. Remember when Jerry Falwell Jr. was caught with his pants unbuttoned and down past his belly button, drinking and canoodling with someone who was not his wife on his yacht? Oh the horror of it. He tried to play it off as a costume party. He’s a great example of these fake, religious zealots who have nothing better to do than pick on a talented, queer singer, who just wanted to have a little fun on stage.

  4. They should be banned and from the Grammys just like will smiths actions. CBS should have to pay double what they did for the Janet mistake at least that was a wardrobe issue they flat out let this guy preach Satan on National tv

  5. God has been banned almost everywhere and as Christians we are suppose to live by all of this cancel culture. Yet satan worshipping at the grammars and super bowl is perfectly except able. Shame on CBS. Shame on the performers.

  6. Not illegal, but not very tasteful to broadcast. The same thing will happen with Rihanna’s performance at the Super Bowl if they call this illegal. Very distasteful and disturbing behavior.

  7. entertainment. Lamb

    Yes. There is no reason for that sort of performance be broadcasted. CBS should pay huge penalties for being so stupid as to have this type of performance not pre-identified, then stopped because impressionable young people with lack of discernment will consider this as “cool” and follow suit without any real understanding of what they are mimicking. No one needs exposure to this type of performance and have it defined as wntertsinment.

  8. Jacqueline Lewins

    Yes it was as no warning and teenagers would have watched BDSM with demonic undertones is totally inappropriate and changed positve to negative harmful to people was some thing out of a BDSM night was the darkness of it very disturbing

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