Cheating and Betrayal: The Untold Story of Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg’s Relationship

In every relationship, there are unique challenges that may arise. However, one would not expect their partner to pursue another person while they are still married. Ted Danson, during his marriage to Casey Coates, did just that. The difficulties they faced had a significant negative impact on their relationship. When Danson cheated on Coates with Whoopi Goldberg, it was the final straw.

Danson met Coates in 1975, shortly after divorcing his first wife. They fell in love, got engaged, and began their life together. However, after Coates suffered a stroke that left her paraplegic, their relationship began to suffer. Despite Coates’ urging, Danson remained committed to their marriage. When the news of his affair with Goldberg became public, the situation worsened.

Danson and Coates’ 16-year marriage ultimately ended in a $30 million divorce settlement, one of the most expensive in Hollywood at the time. Danson was eager to continue his relationship with Goldberg and even wanted to marry her and start a family. However, after Danson’s parents disapproved of their relationship and pressured him to end it, the couple split.

Whoopi Goldberg recently opened up about the traumatic experience of her breakup with Ted Danson, citing that she lost his friendship in the process. On the other hand, Danson has chosen not to discuss the end of their relationship. However, after meeting Mary Steenburgen, Danson’s perception of love and marriage shifted, leading to a happy marriage that lasted for 25 years.

The aftermath of cheating in a relationship can have severe and long-lasting effects on both parties. Cheating is a violation of trust and can create a significant rift in the relationship. It is not fair to pursue another person while still committed to a partner, and it can lead to irreparable damage.

Restoring trust in a relationship is not an easy task and requires a joint effort from both partners. Vital elements for building and maintaining a healthy and contented partnership are openness, honesty, and unwavering commitment. To achieve this, it is crucial to engage in open and truthful dialogue about expectations, boundaries, and any conflicts that may arise in the relationship.

If a relationship is struggling, seeking outside help from a therapist or counselor can also be beneficial. A trained professional can offer guidance and support in navigating the difficulties that may arise in a partnership.

Ultimately, a successful relationship requires effort, dedication, and a willingness to work through challenges together. It is essential to prioritize trust and respect in a partnership and to remember that actions have consequences. By committing to building a strong and healthy relationship, couples can create a happy and fulfilling life together.








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  1. He left his wife for miss tent and awning. Wow what an idiot, if the relationship would have lasted she probably would have ate him for a snack.

  2. I found this crazy at that time..and now it just disgusts me. I see not hear anything that’s attractive about the whoop . I’m glad he’s found happiness. She’s never a day brightener .js

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