Couple with a significant age difference trying to conceive a first child.

Although the 85-year-old husband is ten years older than his wife’s grandfather, the couple, who have been married for 61 years, have vowed to start a family.

While working at a laundromat in 2019, Miracle Pogue, 24, of Starkville, Mississippi, met her husband, Charles Pogue, 85, and the two became close.

Despite the 61-year age difference, the couple is considering IVF in the hope of conceiving a child so that the childless Charles can leave behind a new generation.

A year after they first met, Charles, a retired real estate agent, decided to confess his feelings to his sister and proposed in February 2020.

After seeing how happy the older people made her, Miracle says her mother Tamika Phillips, 45, and grandfather Joe Brown, 72, were supportive of the union from the start, but her father Kareem Phillips, 47, was harder to convince.

“Charles was bringing one piece of clothing and wanted me to serve him,” Miracle noted. He walked in one day, threw down a piece of paper, and said, “Write down your number” like he was a pro. He served as my shining knight.

I didn’t feel weird and we had a fantastic atmosphere. He made me feel relaxed and we had a great chat. I didn’t know his real age but I knew he was older.

“I felt for him when I realized I was in too deep; it had been a few months. He was my baby and he stayed put.”

During our conversation, we asked each other our dates of birth and he replied that he was born in 1937. We were just interested in how things were going so I didn’t even mention his age. Whether he’s 100 or 55, I like him the way he is. Because of how fantastic he looked, I assumed he was in his 60s or 70s. He’s always on the go.

“My grandfather used to say that if I was happy and doing what I wanted, he would be happy too.” “Hell no, ma’am, not at all,” said the father. I asked him if he wanted to lose his daughter for good and it took me a long time to talk him out of it. He would never see me again if he didn’t attend my wedding.

“I told him I needed his help and asked him to be my bridesmaid. After talking and meeting Charles, he fell in love with Charles.”

According to Charles, Miracle has a lot in store. She is great and lives together.

The best day of my life was my amazing wedding day. There is no problem with the age difference.

“Comments from online users are irrelevant; we’ll let them continue as they choose. We’re quite happy together. We want to start a family as a couple.”

In July last year, the pair got married and Miracle calls it “the best day of her life”.

Miracle claims she wants to have two children with Charles despite their age difference and acknowledges that she will probably outlive him.

“I want him to have another generation,” Miracle remarked. We intend to visit an IVF facility to discuss our options.

“We’ve visited an IVF facility before, but even though they don’t know me, we felt prejudiced and it was quite intimidating. Now, as long as they give me my baby, I don’t care. Charles’ age may prevent us from having children, but I’m willing to consider it.

“I’m worried about Charles. He got Covid on Thanksgiving and I started crying. I was ready, but the way he wakes up and walks around every day, he’s not leaving. He warns that he might not be here in five.” years, so we are preparing. I assure him he will outlive us all.

“I’m trying to live with him and have fun and experience as much as I can because realistically I know I’m going to be here longer than him. We’re trying to play a part.

Miracle adds that because of the bad attention her relationship has received online, people often mistake her and her partner for father and daughter.

One day, Miracle said, “We were on a trip to Florida. I said, ‘Yes, this is my dad, hey dad, dad,’ when the lady who was renting the car asked, ‘That’s your dad.’ to be angry because I am a stupid person.

“I don’t even mind it in public, I don’t think it’s weird, I just go about my business.” I feel weird interacting with people online. People who don’t know me or love me criticize me and just state the obvious. I posted my boyfriend online and it went viral in a way I never imagined. They accused me of taking advantage of Charles, of not knowing what was going on, and that I should be ashamed.

“Of course people make money, but I work as a nurse. I first met him when I started medical school. Charles is a choice and I feel good that he chose me. I’ll be fine with or without him.

He is the older one, so strangely the others follow me. He chose to be with me of his own free will. It’s a free country, so I’ve learned that it’s okay for people to express their feelings.

“Many of my supporters support Charles and me. People comment that we look great. People talk about their older men and say that I help them feel good about their bodies.”

Miracle’s age has been questioned by TikTok commenters, with one demanding proof that she is 24.

A commenter said: “24? No way. I need to see proof and if you’re 24 I’ll never try to guess your age again. Another added: “She meant 42.”

Miracle retaliated and was adamant that she was born in 1998 and that the reason she might look older is that she doesn’t wear “all out” every day.

Loved-up Miracle claims to be attracted to Charles’ carefree demeanor but acknowledges that they are very different when it comes to technology.

“I love his advice and I know I can go to Charles with any questions I have,” exclaimed Miracle. I trust that he will check on me and not leave me.

“He doesn’t want to argue because he’s so quiet and laid back. I love his storytelling. I love playing tech jokes with him. The check will be photographed and deposited into my bank account. Charles doesn’t even have a credit card. I admire how he takes it slow even though his behavior is so strange. Having someone you can confide in and talk to is a blessing. People can look at our connection and wonder, “What’s going on here?” but I know he has me and I have him.

The miracle is determined to have children with Charles to ensure he leaves behind a new generation.

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