Daughter Gets Revenge and Becomes CEO of Father’s Company After He Abandoned Her for Younger Woman

Daughter Gets Revenge and Becomes CEO of Father’s Company After He Abandoned Her for Younger Woman

Upon returning home from school, twelve-year-old Mia was shocked to find her mother in tears. She immediately went to her mother’s side and asked what was wrong. Her mother Lindy explained that her father had left them for a younger woman, causing Mia to feel distressed.

Despite her young age, Mia comforted her mother and promised to work hard to prove that they did not need him in their lives. She assured her mother that they had each other and that was enough. Over the years, Mia continued to support her mother and pushed her to do better.

Mia’s academic brilliance was recognized by her teachers in high school, particularly in math, which was a trait that her father possessed as a successful businessman. Lindy was proud of her daughter’s achievements and worked tirelessly to put her through school, even with two jobs.

Although Mia received an academic scholarship, it was not enough to cover her tuition at a prestigious Ivy League school. Nevertheless, her mother’s hard work and sacrifice paid off as Mia continued to excel in her studies.

Despite the challenges they faced, Mia and her mother remained resilient and supported each other. Mia’s determination and perseverance had become the driving force for her mother to keep pushing forward, and they both knew that they could rely on each other to overcome any obstacle that came their way.

During a conversation with her mother, Mia suggested attending a state university to ease the financial burden on her mother, who was visibly exhausted from work. Lindy adamantly refused and encouraged her daughter to pursue her dreams of attending a top university, assuring her that she would take care of everything.

Mia’s hard work and determination paid off as she excelled academically and represented her school in several mathematics competitions, ultimately earning a spot as one of the representatives in the college-level Mathematics Olympiad. Before leaving for the competition, Mia promised to bring back the gold and celebrate with her mother upon her return.

After four days, Mia returned home with a gold medal and a $20,000 cash prize. Excited to share her achievement with her mother, she discovered Lindy unconscious on the floor of her bedroom, despite having spoken to her on the phone earlier.

Mia immediately called for help and stayed by her mother’s side until the ambulance arrived. The incident had left her distraught and worried about her mother’s health, but she knew that she had to remain strong for her.

Through her perseverance and hard work, Mia had brought immense pride and joy to her mother, but now it was her turn to take care of her. As she waited for news on her mother’s condition, she promised to continue working hard to make her mother proud and ensure that they both have a bright future ahead of them.

Mia was alarmed to find her mother unconscious on the bedroom floor and immediately called 911 for help. She anxiously waited for the ambulance to arrive and accompanied her mother to the hospital. After undergoing some tests, the doctors discovered that her mother had a blocked artery and needed urgent surgery. Mia was worried and asked if her mother’s insurance could cover the medical expenses, but unfortunately, the surgery was not covered, and she had to find a way to pay for the bill before her mother could be released from the hospital.

The doctor apologized for the situation and proceeded to perform the surgery, leaving Mia alone with her thoughts as she watched her mother fight for her life. Determined to find a solution, she made the difficult decision to approach her father, the same man who had left them years ago.

Mia was hesitant to reach out to her father, but she knew that it was necessary to save her mother’s life. She mustered the courage to call him, and after explaining the situation, he agreed to help pay for the medical expenses. The surgery was successful, and Lindy was on the road to recovery.

Mia’s love and dedication to her mother pushed her to take action and find a solution in a time of crisis. Through her unwavering determination and courage, she was able to save her mother’s life and prove that nothing could break the bond between a mother and her daughter.

Mia swiftly arrived at her father’s workplace and was cordially welcomed by his secretary. “What brings you here, Mia?” the secretary asked with a touch of conceit.

“I need to speak with my father,” Mia replied in a curt tone.

The secretary escorted Mia to her father’s office after receiving permission. Upon entering, Jamie requested five minutes alone with Mia.

“Why did you only contact me now, Mia, after six years? I have been trying to get in touch with you,” Jamie asked.

“You deserted us! For her!” Mia retorted. “Why should I want to spend time with you after you abandoned our family? Do you realize how much that hurt us, Dad?” she expressed, She attempted to regulate her emotions.

“So, what brings you here?” Jamie inquired. “Let me guess. You need money?” he added in a haughty tone.

“Mum is fighting for her life in the hospital. Please, I will repay you once I find a job. I implore you to save her,” Mia pleaded with desperation.

Jamie, Mia’s father, offered to help pay for his ex-wife’s, Lindy’s, surgery, but only if Mia would live with him. Mia declined the offer, not wanting to be close to a father who abandoned their family. She decided to sell her gold medal and cash prize to pay for Lindy’s hospital bill, and Lindy fully recovered after a couple of months.

Mia found a part-time job and eventually went on to work for a large firm, climbing the ranks to become a managing partner, earning enough to support her mother and retire her from work. As a surprise to Jamie, Mia bought out his company, but he later realized it was to spite him.

Throughout the journey, Mia learned to rely on her own hard work and determination to succeed, rather than depending on her estranged father. She proved to be resilient and resourceful, taking on the challenge of paying for her mother’s surgery and supporting herself and her mother while pursuing her dreams.

On a particular day, Mia received an email about the sale of some businesses and found out that her father’s business was on sale due to bankruptcy. As a result, she made a decision to make a big investment by buying out her father’s company. Initially, Jamie, her father, thought that she was doing it to save him. However, he later discovered that Mia bought his failing company to spite him. She took over as CEO and managing director while he was downgraded to being a silent minority partner.

From this story, we can learn that one’s actions can have consequences, and what goes around comes around. Jamie left his family for a younger woman, and years later, his daughter bought his failing company. It also teaches us that hard work pays off. Mia worked hard to become successful and secure a better future for herself and her mom. Her determination and hard work eventually led her to become a successful businesswoman, climbing up the ranks until she became a managing partner.

We can share this inspiring story with our friends to motivate and encourage them to work hard, be determined, and always strive to achieve their goals, no matter the obstacles they face.

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  1. This is a horrible story . Harboring bitterness for so long. Then, acting on it and remaining in that state. It’s very very sad. Sounds like mom twisted her instead of helping her through it . I’ll bet he paid child support and reached out. It’s just so sad
    Don’t harbor unforgiveness or bitterness. It takes roots and makes life more and more miserable

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