“Emma Willis Wife of Bruce Willis’ Shares How Renewing Vows on 10th Anniversary Strengthened Marriage and Preserved Precious Memories”

Ten years after their wedding in 2009, Bruce Willis and his wife reaffirmed their marriage vows. And to honor their undying love and remember those carefree and much simpler days, the vow renewal ceremony they performed on their 10th anniversary was featured in a flashback video Emma posted on Instagram as a dedication to their love on their 14th wedding anniversary.

Their love was honored.

Emma Heming, 44, uploaded a reel of clips from her wedding set to Coldplay’s “Fix You” on her Instagram account.

The ceremony was held in the same place where they said their original “I do” in 2009, and everyone present, including the newlyweds, was dressed in white.

Life seemed easier for the family then because Bruce had not yet been diagnosed with aphasia and no one could have predicted that he would soon be dealing with frontotemporal dementia.

Emma emphasized the need to create lasting memories and expressed her happiness to have shared these joyful moments with them.

She wrote: “And I’m so glad we did. Take every opportunity to get together and celebrate with loved ones. These are special times and beautiful memories to cherish forever.”

And we can keep those memories for people who might not be able to, Emma continued.

Emma is honest.

The actor’s family recently celebrated his 68th birthday and Emma thanked his followers for their “kind” wishes and support in a touching statement she posted on social media.

The faithful wife revealed, “I started the morning crying as you can tell by my puffy eyes and runny nose,” in an Instagram story she shared that day. I just believe it’s vital that you see both sides of things, she continued.

She’s keeps his cool for his girls.

Emma, ​​who is married to Bruce and has two daughters, said that despite their family’s challenges, she is often asked how she manages to stay so strong.

I have no choice, commented the model. I wish I were, but I’m also trying to raise two children in this.

Sometimes in life, we ​​must put on our big girl panties and get to it,” she continued. I do too.

The Willis family remains steadfast in their love and devotion to one another even as they continue to struggle with the difficulties of Bruce’s illness. Emma’s message about loving the happy moments and creating lifelong memories reminds us all to cherish the good times and keep them in our hearts.

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