Father is angered by his mother-in-law’s action of giving whiskey to his 6-month-old child.

A father was furious when his mother-in-law applied whisky to his daughter’s gums when she was six months old to ease her teething pain.

The baby’s mother recounted the issue in a post that was published on Reddit’s Am I the A***ole thread, noting that her husband was not at all pleased with the “remedy.”

The 28-year-old stated that she was visiting her mother’s house with their newborn, who is “teething horrifically,” and that she was there to get advice on how to help her child.

My mother wanted to try rubbing whisky on my daughter’s gums because she ‘does some old [fashioned] things’ and ‘is really into herbs and natural treatment and stuff’, the woman admitted.

The woman continued by saying that her mother had permitted her to rub alcohol on her granddaughter since she had done the same to her and her brothers when they were children. She said, “It did appear to calm my daughter down a bit.

However, the young mother claimed that after she returned home and told her husband about the treatment, he became “furious,” claiming that it was dangerous to their daughter and did not provide any pain relief.
She said, “He got really angry and told me I shouldn’t [have] allowed my mum do anything like that, and told me I couldn’t bring our daughter to my mother’s anymore.”

“Since then, he has scheduled the next two days off from work and is constantly keeping an eye on me and our baby. This seems unjust to me, “She concluded her post by saying.
Social media users had differing opinions about the woman’s predicament. Several people said she made a mistake by letting her mother-in-law rub bourbon on her child.

One person wrote: “In a society where we have access to the internet, I believe it should be simple enough to Google whether anything is safe or not. Even though I don’t have children, I am aware—without having to research it—that some of those “old treatments” are dangerous. Even if the advice is coming from her own parent, I would assume that a first-time mother would also be aware of that.”

Another person spoke up: “You’re the A***ole or YTA. You know that alcohol is dangerous, right? Moreover, it has no topical analgesic properties; if the baby calms down, it is likely due to alcohol’s general sedative effects.”

They said, “I think it’s hilarious how your mother confuses ‘herbs and natural medicine’ with the usage of a well-known but totally improper drug.

A third person said: “YTA gently. You’re a mother at 28. Instead of blindly following your mother’s advice, you should form your own opinions. Your decision in this instance was to permit your mother to provide alcohol to your infant. Do you think that’s reliable?”

Others, meanwhile, reported that her husband’s response was “extreme,” as one commenter put it: “Her husband actually took two days off work to oversee parenting because of this? That’s going too far. It’s known as two adults having a dialogue, agreeing that “we shouldn’t do this again,” and then moving on.”

“Dad’s decision to stay at home from work in the belief that she is causing her child’s drinking makes him TA here. Another TA move is him attempting to keep the child away from Grandma when Grandma did it with Mom’s approval “The user went on.

Another individual noted: “‘Watching over’ your wife over something like this by taking several days off work. It ought to have been simple to clarify why it isn’t the best technique to address teething and then move on. If this is how something similar is handled, how will important matters be handled?”

Addition by a third “You’re not this evil person who will hurt your kid. In all honesty, it’s a warning sign if your husband is responding in this way. He is correct; it does not ease pain, and, if practiced repeatedly, it may even prove dangerous.”

“But you only ever told him about it once, and now you know better than to do it again. He shouldn’t be portraying it as a purposeful plot to harm your daughter, “They commented.

Whiskey use on infants to ease teething is strongly discouraged by medical experts like Dr Amos Grunebaum, who explained on BabyMed: “Since it slows down a baby’s processes, alcohol is hazardous for them. Because babies grow quickly all the time, any delaying could result in major developmental issues and deformities.”

“Alcohol consumption by adults has short-term unfavorable effects, but because they are fully developed, it cannot at that time result in long-term harm. Alcohol consumption, however, prevents babies from making up for lost developmental time “Added he.
Hence, avoid rubbing alcohol on your baby’s gums, people!

I urge all parents to prioritize the health and well-being of their children above untested or potentially harmful “remedies.”

2 thoughts on “Father is angered by his mother-in-law’s action of giving whiskey to his 6-month-old child.”

  1. Ok the amount of alcohol rubbed on the baby’s gums is minimal, really a bit of a over reaction, just like everything else nowadays, we grew up way different and we all turned out fine, my grandmother would give us Brandy when we were sick doesn’t mean I’m an alcoholic!!!

  2. geez people, dipping your finger in a shot of whiskey will not harm the child. not enough there to get a freaking fly high let alone damage him/her. not like nana gave the child a shot of it. it does have a numbing effect since kids haven’t had their mouths long enough to have callouses from dense foods.

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