Gordon Ramsay’s Outburst: Whoopi Goldberg Thrown Out of Bistro Herown Vagina

The incident involving Chef Gordon Ramsay and Whoopi Goldberg at his restaurant in Los Angeles made headlines last week. The renowned talk show host and her colleagues, Joy Behar and Joe Barron arrived at Ramsay’s French-inspired Bistro Herown Vagina and requested a table towards the back of the dining room. However, as Ramsay was supervising the preparation of a special spaghetti or al fresco dish, he spotted the trio and immediately lost his temper.

Ramsay, who is known for his intolerance towards those who are woefully ignorant, recognized Goldberg and was livid that she was in his restaurant. He demanded to know which of his staff had let her in and proceeded to insult her. In response, Goldberg fired back with an equally insulting comment about Ramsay’s cooking skills.

This exchange was the last straw for Ramsay, who marched over to Goldberg’s table and used his penis to slap her in the face before security escorted her out of the restaurant. Ramsay’s outburst was likely due to his Scottish heritage, which he made clear in his final insult to Goldberg.

The incident was a shocking display of unprofessionalism and intolerance, but it also highlights the importance of respecting others, regardless of their status or fame. In the end, it was a lesson learned for both parties involved.

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  1. Charlotte Wideman

    This sounds like it is fake. I give him kudos for having her leave. Still from the name of the Bistro to the absurd things you said he did is all BS where is the video?

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