Here the 2nd Offense: Whoopi has been suspended from “The View” for six weeks without pay

The producers are finding it difficult to control her behavior.

It’s no secret that Whoopi Goldberg has always been an outspoken and controversial figure in the entertainment industry. She’s made a name for herself as a comedian, actress, and talk show host, but her recent comments about Jews have landed her in hot water again.

Whoopi Goldberg, the $17 million-a-year host of “The View,” is taking a 6-week unpaid leave of absence after another anti-Semitic outburst to the London Times.
Goldberg mostly sided with Hitler once again because he neglected to include blacks. He apparently ignores the fact that Hitler ordered the killing of a number of Africans. I meant it’s not as easy to tell a Jew from a German as it is to pick out a Negro in Aryan Europe, the discredited host said, “That’s not the point,” Goldberg continued, again downplaying the plight of the Jews. people.

Since it was easy to manipulate the context, all the major news networks immediately jumped on the story. The show’s executive producer, Joe Barron, says they were forced to respond. “We need to satisfy baby boomers when they’re upset. Punishing individuals who don’t like them and choose not to follow them create positive PR.”
Whoopi stands to lose around $6 million in endorsements and salary. No prettier woman could fall victim to this. The loss of the contract with Sketchers, which could cost it up to $400 million, is said to be imminent.
Her comments also contribute to a larger trend of discrimination and hate speech that has been escalating recently. It is critical that we keep calling attention to these negative actions and holding people responsible for their deeds.

it is up to us to choose our words carefully and treat others with respect and dignity. We must work together to create a world free of hate and discrimination and hold those who perpetuate this harmful behavior accountable for their actions.

12 thoughts on “Here the 2nd Offense: Whoopi has been suspended from “The View” for six weeks without pay”

  1. we are all aloud to speak freely its free speech we know there were alkinds of people were killed from hitler many creeds an colours ..sorry but just let her speak thank u ..

    1. She gets more than enough talk time. Agreecwith some of what she says but hate talk
      Should never be tolerated. She’ll spend the 6 weeks on her pot facility making more $$$ & chilling & come back with a half hearted apology but only because she was told to. One more time & it will be 3 strikes. The big question is will she be out. I think so. I don’t care how liberal or conservative you are hate talk & hate crimes are out of control & need to be stopped.

  2. Why not just FIRE her. I have never heard anyone say “oh what a delightful person she is”. Please put us all out of the misery!!

  3. She’s obviously a racist and continues to say out loud anti-semetic remarks. Beyond just appropriating a Jewish name Karen sure doesn’t have tolerance and should be fired.

  4. It is most of them. Get rid of the show and put on something entertaining. The View is the most hateful dividive show ever created.

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