“Hi. Hello Honey. This is daddy. Is Mother close to the telephone?”

“No Daddy. She is higher up in the room with Uncle Paul.” After a brief delay, Daddy says: “Yet honey, you don’t have an Uncle Paul.” “Goodness indeed, Mother says I do and he is higher up with Mama in the room at present.”

Before long, Daddy says: “Alright, then, at that point, this is the very thing that I believe you should do. Put the telephone down on the table, run higher up, be aware of the room entryway, and shout that daddy’s vehicle just maneuvered into the carport.” “OK Daddy, one moment.” A couple of moments later the young lady returns on the telephone. “I did it, daddy.” “And what happened, honey?” Daddy inquired. “Indeed, Mother got all terrified, leaped out of the bed with no garments on and went around shouting. She stumbled over the floor covering, hit her head on the dresser and presently she isn’t moving in any way.” “Goodness, my God!!!! Furthermore, what has been going on with your uncle Paul?”

“He leaped out of the bed with no garments on, as well. He was undeniably frightened and he leaped out of the back window and into the pool. However, I surmise he didn’t realize that you took out the water last week and cleaned it. He hit the lower part of the pool and I think he is dead. Long delay … The daddy says, “pool? … . Is this 486-5731?”

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