How an Ohio Man Survived 20,000 Bee Stings and Is Expected to Fully Recover, According to Family

After being stung almost 20,000 times by a swarm of African killer bees, a young man from Ohio named Austin Bellamy is predicted to fully recuperate. The situation unfolded when Bellamy was helping to clear away tree branches and unintentionally agitated a hive of bees. The bees fiercely attacked Bellamy, causing him to slip into a coma. As per his mother’s statement, medical professionals were in the midst of removing bees from his body. Moreover, during the ordeal, he had inadvertently ingested around 30 bees.

The African killer bees are known to be more protective and aggressive than other honey bees, as per the US Department of Agriculture. This trait often leads to them stinging more frequently with little or no provocation. Austin’s family members were present during the incident, and his grandmother had planned on climbing the ladder to reach him. However, she was also swarmed by the bees and could not reach her grandson.

The panicked young man attempted to anchor himself but failed to do so. He screamed for help, but no one was able to assist him. Austin’s family stated that he is recovering from the attack and is expected to make a full recovery. It is a reminder to always exercise caution and be aware of the potential dangers that exist when working in nature, especially when dealing with bees or other potentially dangerous animals.

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