How to Factory Reset Every Laptop Without a Password (2022)

How To Factory Reset Every Laptop In 5 Minutes Or Less – The Ultimate Guide

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How to Factory Reset Every Laptop.

How does Factory Reset Every Laptop Without a Password? Every Laptop user knows about the importance of backing up their data in case something goes wrong with the hardware or there’s an unfortunate theft or fire. 

However, not all users know how to restore their laptop to its factory settings, which can be extremely useful when attempting to troubleshoot hardware problems or transfer your computer between users or locations. 

If you are looking for an easy way to restore your laptop without using complicated software and without having to know your system password, this guide on How To Factory Reset Every Laptop Without A Password will help you get started.

Step 1: Get the Computer Out Of Sleep Mode

1. Plug in your power cord and make sure it is securely connected on both ends. 

2. Press the Power button on your laptop’s keyboard to see if it turns on. If it does not turn on, try pressing the Power button again or holding down the Power button for 10 seconds before you press it again. 

3. Press the Windows key + R to open the Run dialog box. 

4. Type cmd into this dialog box then hit Enter on your keyboard. 

5. Once Command Prompt has opened, type powercfg -h off into this window then hit Enter on your keyboard again. 

6. You should now see Command Prompt say Successfully put every laptop in sleep mode. 

7. When you get back to the Windows desktop, press Ctrl + Alt + Del and select Task Manager from this menu screen. Click File > New task (Run). 

In the Open field, enter cmd without quotation marks. Click OK. In Command Prompt that pops up, enter powercfg -h without quotation marks. Hit Enter on your keyboard and wait until Command Prompt says Successfully put every laptop in hibernation. So there you have it! How To Factory Reset Every Laptop Without A Password.

Step 2: Hold Down Fn Key and Press Esc Key

1. Hold down the Fn key and press Esc.

2. Press and hold the power button, then release it while continuing to hold down the Fn key and Esc key. The laptop will shut off after a few seconds.

3. Release both keys when you see the Apple logo on the screen, then let go of the power button as well after another few seconds have passed by. 

You can now use your laptop again, but with all its factory settings intact! Make sure not to forget this password- resetting trick next time you lose or forget your password! 

Step 3: Select The Factory Reset Option

In the factory reset option window, click on Erase Everything and confirm that you would like to proceed with the factory reset by clicking Erase. A progress bar will appear and once it has been completed, your laptop is ready for use. 

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It will take about 15-20 minutes for the process to complete. Once the laptop turns off, hold down the power button until it powers back up. The computer should boot up as if it were new out of the box (showing the logo and all). 

Make sure you select the restore or factory reset options in order to completely clear everything from your device. You might want to back up some files before doing this so that they are not lost. Follow these steps to do just that: 

Step 1: Connect an external hard drive to the USB port on your laptop. Step 2: Open Windows Explorer and navigate through the folders where you’ve saved your documents. 

Select the file(s) you want to save and drag them onto the folder on your external drive. Click Yes when prompted. Your data will be backed up to your external hard drive. The time it takes depends on how much data you have stored on your laptop.

Step 4: Follow on-screen instructions

Follow on-screen instructions for the next steps in the factory reset process. These instructions will vary depending on your laptop’s manufacturer, but usually involve selecting an option such as factory reset and deleting all data or erasing everything.

 You’ll need to confirm the reset process at this point by pressing a key on your keyboard. Once this is done, your laptop should be completely wiped off any software that may have been installed during manufacturing and return to its original state.

If you’re not sure how to do this, consult your laptop manual, which will walk you through the process step-by-step. Alternatively, Google how to factory reset, and then follow whichever set of directions matches the screen you are looking at. Again, if you’re unsure about what to do, consult your laptop manual.

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Factory Reset on MacBook without a password

*Shut down your MacBook.

*Press and hold the Shift key, then turn on your computer. Continue holding the Shift key until you see the Apple logo on the screen. This will boot up in safe mode with a list of options at the top of the screen. 

*Select Disk Utility from that list and then click Continue. Disk Utility is located under Utilities on macOS 10.13 High Sierra or under Applications > Utilities for previous versions of OS X. 

You can also find it by going to Finder > Go > Utilities. In the window that opens, select your Mac’s hard drive (usually named Macintosh HD) on the left side of the window, and then select Erase tab. Next, enter an asterisk (*) in each text box labeled Name and Format respectively. 

When finished, click Erase to format the disk. That’s all there is to it! Your data will be gone forever, so make sure this is what you want before erasing anything. After clicking Erase, wait for the process to finish. 

Once done, restart your Mac and keep pressing Command + R as it boots up until you reach the desktop. Now go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > FileVault and turn off FileVault encryption if enabled. Then log in to your account with the password set when first setting up your laptop.

Factory Reset on PC without a password

The process is simple, but you’ll need an external hard drive with at least 1GB of storage. Plug the external drive into your laptop, open Windows Explorer, and navigate to C:\Windows\system32\oobe\ without the quotes. Right-click on oobe.exe and choose Copy. Next, open the external hard drive and right-click anywhere on the blank space. 

Choose Paste and select Yes if prompted to overwrite the file. Finally, restart your PC (turn it off and then back on). Hold down Shift+F10 when it boots up to access the command prompt. 

Type cd c:\windows\system32\oobe and press enter. Then type copy oobe.exe c:\windows\system32\oobe again (make sure you don’t type .com) and press enters one last time. 

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How to Factory Reset Every Laptop without password.
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Now close the window and reboot your computer. When Windows reboots, press F8 during bootup for Advanced Boot Options and select Safe Mode with Command Prompt. You’ll be in Safe Mode now, so type exit to reboot normally. 

Once everything loads, go to Control Panel > User Accounts > Change User Account Control Settings. Select Never Notify and click OK. After that, go to Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt and type net user name password /add. 

Repeat this step for each username on your account. And finally, type net localgroup Administrators name /delete and hit Enter to delete any admin accounts created by the malware. 

Now all you have to do is type net user Administrator /active:yes followed by net localgroup Administrators name /delete and wait about 5 minutes for the changes to take effect. Log back in using the new password and enjoy your newly reset system!

Factory Reset on Windows 11 without a password

Hold the Windows button and press R. Type cmd in the search bar and then press Enter. Type powercfg /h off into the cmd prompt window. Press Enter. Wait for your laptop to turn off, then hold down the power button until it shuts off completely and unplug it from the wall outlet. 

Leave it unplugged for five minutes, then plug it back in and start up your laptop again by pressing the power button at bootup. You’ll be prompted to enter a password before you can use your computer again. Be sure you remember what that password is! 

Otherwise, go through the process of logging back in as if you had just set up your new laptop. If this doesn’t work for some reason, try rebooting your machine and repeating these steps again. If that still does not work, contact Microsoft or your manufacturer for help resetting the laptop to factory settings.

How to Factory Reset Every Laptop.
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Final Words

There are many reasons that you may need to factory reset your laptop. Maybe you’re getting rid of it, or maybe you want to fix an issue with your operating system. Whatever the reason, it’s important that you have the right knowledge when performing this process so that your data is saved and you can use the laptop again. 

We’ve outlined some simple steps below that will help ensure everything goes smoothly for everyone. -Back up any files or photos before you do anything else! Make sure all open programs on your computer are closed, including browsers and email programs. 

Shut down the computer by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete on Windows computers (or Command+Option+Escape on Macs) -Now turn off power to the device by unplugging the cord from both ends. Leave it plugged out for at least five minutes before turning it back on. 

The first time you boot up after doing a factory reset, there will be a few screens asking if you want to restore certain things like date and time settings. You should select no. Then you’ll see a message saying setup in progress followed by your laptop having been successfully set up. Congratulations! You now know how to factory reset every laptop without a password! 

Thank you for reading! If you ever have trouble along the way, just let us know and we’ll try our best to help. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog post update!