“I Like My Reputation”: Michael Jordan declined a $120 million advertisement deal with Disney

He doesn’t want to ruin his reputation. Who can blame him?
When her “revival” experiment fails, the Walt Disney Corporation frantically tries to reposition itself. In less than two years, the parks went bankrupt as visitors canceled their reservations, their movies bombed after being edited to appeal to a small portion of Americans, and the CEO they fired had to return to try to save the flop. company.

The big idea was to get some celebrities to support the business as it went back to family values. Unfortunately, the only individual who could do it, and the most famous name in the world, refused.
Disney offered Michael Jordan $120 million to become the new name and face of the company, but he declined.
“Joe Barron, Jordan’s longtime friend, and columnist claimed that Mike quit the social justice warrior because it was ‘too woke’ for him. If someone wants to succeed, they have to embrace their natural talent to play professional sports. It’s so easy.”

The offer for Jordan was quite lucrative. With a half-dozen appearances at Disney World, Jordan would commit to ten years of riding Disney’s float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. He also stayed with his family and friends at Cinderella Castle and waved from the window every morning. However, Jordan refused, putting Disney in a difficult position.

Barron said: “They will have to do better,” suggesting that the company will have to rethink its approach and find a way to reposition itself without relying on known numbers or resorting to a “woke” approach that appears to be Insufficient Disney’s response to requests for comment only adds to the speculation surrounding its next move.

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