“Identity of two brothers found dead with their mother in London home revealed”

Today, photos of the two brothers tragically discovered their mother dead at their London home.

Maximus, 7, and Alexander, 9, along with Nadja de Jager, 47, were discovered in their home in Belvedere, southeast London, close to Bexleyheath.

The three victims’ identities have been confirmed by police, who said that they are not searching for any further suspects in connection with the incident.

Following the gruesome finding, the neighbors are now lamenting the loss of the family. One local said to MailOnline, “I’m very shocked.”

Yesterday around 11:50 a.m., police were summoned due to worries for the wellbeing of the residents of the house. To find the bodies, the police broke down the door of the residence.

“This is a really sad situation, and we are working to determine the circumstances that led to this tragic tragedy,” said Detective Inspector Ollie Stride.

I am grateful to the neighborhood for its cooperation as our investigators conduct their investigations.

We urge that their privacy be respected at this tremendously trying time as we have the family’s best interests at heart as they struggle to come to grips with their loss.

One neighbor told MailOnline: “She [Ms. de Jager] was always brilliant and her kids were well cared for. I didn’t know her [Ms. de Jager] well, merely to say hi to her.

The lads enjoyed playing in the garden in the summer. God is aware of what occurred.

She continued by saying that the family had recently appeared to be getting ready to leave but had since changed their minds.

‘A few weeks ago, it appeared like they were leaving. She has pulled back the curtains and thrown away a lot of old toys,’ she claimed. “Then everything returned to normal”

Another neighbor described how the family had lived on calm Mayfield Drive for roughly five years but had yet to integrate.

She remarked: “She probably moved in five years ago. She didn’t really want to go beyond that, despite the fact that I always said hi to her.

Mother-of-two Bukky Adekoya experienced the same level of shock over the killings of the kids. It’s awful, extremely upsetting to think that something like this could happen in my neighborhood, the woman told MailOnline.

I just learned what happened, and I’m really astonished.

I have two kids, and I can’t fathom how this could ever occur here. Living it is pretty pleasant. There is a park at the end of the road where kids can play, and it is quiet.

Another neighbor who only went by the name Victor continued, “This is really a disaster.” Living here is very secure and enjoyable. The park at the end of the road is a safe place for kids to play, as are the yards of their homes. This place is highly desired. When someone lists their house for sale, it sells rapidly.

Dawn Porter, who shared a residence with Ms. De Jager and her sons on Mayfield Road, stated: “I don’t believe it’s completely sunk in, I kind of feel physically sick thinking about what has gone on.”

If she had done anything wrong, she might have approached any of the neighbors and explained her situation. When something like this occurs, you just want to know why, and it is incredibly sad.

It is believed that Ms. de Jager served as managing director of a local real estate firm.

The next-of-kin has been notified, and post-mortem investigations are being planned.

Following the discovery of the remains, the terraced property, which is on a street where the average home price over the past 12 months was pound;395,000, was shut off today.

The 1940s terraced house’s drive was being searched by forensic teams while they were searching the grey Mitsubishi pickup truck.

According to a Met Police spokeswoman, officers were summoned to an address on Mayfield Road in Belvedere at 11:50 a.m. on Thursday due to concerns for the welfare of the residents. Police and the London Ambulance Service were present. Two boys, ages nine and seven, and a lady, 47, were discovered dead inside the house at the scene.

The investigation is being overseen by The Met’s Specialised Crime Command. Detectives are not actively looking for anyone else in connection with the investigation at this time. The scene of the crime is still there.

‘We were called at 12.16 pm yesterday (March 9) to reports of an incident on Mayfield Road, Belvedere,’ a London Ambulance Service spokeswoman said.

We deployed two incident response officers, a medic, and a fast-response car to the scene.

Tragically, at the site, three people were identified as dead.

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