Jesse Watters of Fox News Reveals Exciting News: He and Wife Emma Expecting a Baby Girl in Five Months!

During a recent broadcast of the Fox News program, The Five, Jesse Watters, one of the presenters, made a significant announcement regarding his family. He revealed that he and his wife, Emma DiGiovine, are expecting a baby girl. This news comes after the birth of their son, Jesse Bailey Watters Jr. on April 2, 2021. Watters shared that his wife is currently five months along in the pregnancy and is looking fantastic.

During the show, co-host Greg Gutfeld made a joke about the child’s gender, saying that there is no gender until the child decides. In response, Watters jokingly said that in their family, they assign the gender at birth and typically get it correct.

Later that evening, Watters went on to criticize Democrats and Hollywood celebrities for their self-centeredness. He mentioned how liberals are fond of things like electric cars, masks, and mail-in voting, but they value themselves above everything else. He also talked about how Hollywood stars often host parties for themselves at events like the Oscars, Grammys, and Golden Globes because they feel they do not receive enough credit, even with their fame and wealth.

Overall, it seems like Jesse Watters has a lot on his plate, with his family expanding and his work as a presenter on Fox News. It will be exciting to see how he balances his personal and professional life, and we wish him and his growing family all the best.

In the entertainment industry, presenting awards to each other on television has become a way for celebrities to showcase their hard work. As audiences, we eagerly watch these award shows to see our favorite movies and actors get recognized. However, things have taken a turn in recent years. It is no longer enough for celebrities to simply act, they must also be activists.

During award shows, as celebrities receive their trophies, they now feel the need to lecture us about important social issues such as oppression and climate change. This has turned off many viewers, who do not want strangers giving them lessons on politics. As a result, the ratings for these shows have plummeted, and no one seemed to care. It appeared that the following day, everyone had moved on.

To address this problem, Hollywood has come up with a solution. They have joined forces with the Democrats in Washington, D.C. to create a new kind of celebration. The Kennedy Center Honors, an annual event, has now been turned into the new Oscars.

At this star-studded event, everyone who is anyone is in attendance. Celebrities such as Matt Damon, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and even Kamala Harris’s husband, are all visible. To add to the glamour, Nancy Pelosi forces Bono to kiss her ring, while Anthony Blinken and Sean Penn engage in conversations.

While this event is meant to be a celebration of the arts, it seems that political discussions still take center stage. It’s not uncommon to see guests arguing over their preferred political leaders or policies, even though the night is supposed to be about honoring artistic achievement.

Overall, it appears that Hollywood and politics have become increasingly intertwined. While some may find this concerning, others see it as a way for influential figures to use their platform to raise awareness about important issues. Whether you love or hate the new Oscars, it’s clear that they have become more than just an awards show for the entertainment industry.

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  1. We love Jesse Waters but have no use for what the left has done to actor’s. None of them are smart enough to listen to the truth! I love Jesse because he tells the truth. I only watch Fox Nation and NewsMax! I don’t want my family exposed to some of the lies on The View and CNN USNBC CBS ABC ETC!
    Best wishes to you and your family Jesse

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