Julia Roberts: Embracing Motherhood and a Simple Life Over Hollywood Glamour

Julia Roberts is one of the few Hollywood celebrities who live a low-key life. Unlike many others, she prefers not to flaunt her personal life on social media or in public. Instead, she cherishes her happy life as a wife and mother, doing everyday tasks like cooking, taking her children to school, and walking her dogs. She values simplicity and contentment over fame and fortune, and it shows in the way she lives.

In the early 2000s, Julia Roberts was one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood, with box office hits released every year. She lived a glamorous life, frequenting fashion boutiques and luxury restaurants in Manhattan. However, her life took a turn when she met Daniel Moder, a cinematographer. Unlike her previous relationships, Moder did not feel threatened by her success and fully embraced it. They fell in love, and Roberts moved into Moder’s modest flat in Los Angeles.

Roberts quickly adjusted to the “unglamorous” life with Moder. On their wedding day, she ditched her designer dress and changed into casual jeans to cook for her guests, making it feel like a backyard barbecue. Their wedding was a stark contrast to the extravagant Hollywood weddings that were popular at the time. The couple’s friends, including Bruce Willis, played the harmonica, and Roberts even hit the dance floor after midnight.

Their wedding was a glimpse into the future they wanted for themselves: a simple and happy life. Roberts and Moder continue to live this life with their three children, away from the paparazzi and the attention of their fans. They value privacy and family time over fame and fortune, and it’s evident in the way they live their lives. Julia Roberts may have won an Oscar, but she treasures her life as a wife and mother more than any award she has received.

Julia Roberts got married at 35 and soon after became a mother for the first time. During an interview, the actress revealed the reason behind her decision to postpone having children: “When we decided to start a family, I had already accomplished a lot in my career and felt secure about that aspect of my life. So, I was genuinely excited to enter the family phase of my life.” For many female actors, becoming a mother often means the end of their acting careers, but this was not the case for Roberts. Despite receiving numerous offers from film directors, she chose to devote herself fully to motherhood and took a break from acting.

Roberts took her time before returning to work after giving birth to twins, choosing to prioritize her role as a mother instead. She didn’t feel the need to maintain a persona of being “cool and interesting” and had a dream of moving to a ranch in New Mexico with her husband and twins to experience a new phase of her life, away from the fast-paced environment of Hollywood. Her commitment to motherhood was evident when she gave birth to another child three years later.

Although Roberts has achieved many notable accomplishments in her life, including winning an Oscar, being named the world’s most beautiful woman, and becoming the highest-paid actress, she finds the most rewarding aspect of her life is taking care of her family. As she joked, “Usually the triumph of my day is everybody making it to the potty.” Rather than receiving applause for her acting roles, she now delights in her children’s laughter and finds joy in sewing clothes for them.

Roberts has become a master of many skills, including sewing, which she uses as a way to keep her mind sharp. As a result, she has a unique and exclusive wardrobe that she created herself. Additionally, she takes pride in her cooking skills, with her children regarding her as a fantastic cook. Today, her children are 18, 16, and 15 years old, and while her maternity leave has long ended, her dedication to being a homemaker and giving her family lots of attention has remained unchanged.

Julia Roberts may be a successful actress with numerous accolades and achievements, but she considers herself more of a housewife than a movie star. She understands the daily struggles of parents who have to juggle multiple tasks, such as cleaning the kitchen after breakfast, preparing lunch, and then before you know it, dinner is already upon you. Despite the challenges, the actress believes that it is essential to immerse oneself fully in the role of a mother. She believes that it is crucial to give undivided attention to your children, without any distractions such as phones or work-related issues.

In an effort to separate her work from her family life, Julia and her husband, Daniel Moder, have kept their personal lives out of the spotlight. They rarely brought their young children to red-carpet events or other public outings. It was only recently in 2021 that their then-17-year-old daughter made an appearance with her father at the Cannes Film Festival.

Julia Roberts knew she was ready for motherhood when she found the perfect partner to share the experience with. Today, after more than two decades of being a parent, she and her husband have become a cohesive team. However, even with all her successes, the actress is not immune to the occasional feelings of insecurity that plague most parents. She admits to being gripped with fear at times and occasionally blows it as a mom. Nevertheless, it’s comforting to have someone around who can reassure you that you’re doing everything right.

Despite her fame and success, Julia Roberts values the role of being a mother more than anything else. She believes that the key to being a good parent is to focus on your children, be present in the moment, and give them your undivided attention. Her approach to parenting has proven to be successful, as she and her husband have managed to raise three children who are now young adults.

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