Julia Roberts still makes three meals a day, sews for her three children, and cleans the kitchen despite earning millions.

Actress Julia Roberts, who starred in blockbusters like “Pretty Woman,” decided to stay home with her children after becoming a parent. She proved that in addition to being a Hollywood legend, she can also be a wonderful mother.

She took a break from acting to take care of her family, which includes her husband Henry Daniel Moder, twins Hazel and Phinneas Moder, and son Henry Moder. She also loves her new full-time job.

She also enjoys spending a lot of time with her family, whom she calls “extraordinarily joyful.” Although she likes to take care of her family, life at home can be boring at times.
But she didn’t stop acting completely. Simply put, she must be persuaded more to support a position. Julia said she is still drawn to projects with interesting themes or compelling characters.

She didn’t even tell her children what she did for a living because the “Eat, Pray, Love” actress was so absorbed in her new life. They didn’t know for a long time that their mother was one of the most famous characters in Hollywood.

They quickly realized that it was almost impossible to ignore a star of her level. At first, they didn’t know what Julia was doing because she spent so much time cooking and taking care of the house, and they assumed she was unemployed.

Julia discussed how she prepares meals and the source of her inspiration and enthusiasm for the kitchen. She learned a lot from her mother, who liked to make things herself with ingredients from her garden. He doesn’t drive as far as he used to, but he still has some tricks up his sleeve.

The actress claimed she was unaware of the “gift”, “honor” and “luxury” of cooking for her family. Her family has increased the satisfaction she gets from life compared to before, and her teammates have embraced her new role as a mother. Julianne Nicholson laughed as she made new sleeping bags for Hazel’s dolls.

Julia’s decision to put family before career may seem unconventional in Hollywood, but it is a testament to her values ​​and priorities.

Despite her fame, Julia likes to play the role of an ordinary parent at home. She mentioned how she likes to eat with her family so they can spend time together regularly. She likes to have breakfast and dinner with her children.

When her children grew up and realized that their mother was a talented actress, she began taking them with her whenever she shot a film that required her to travel. She claimed that being around her children keeps her grounded.

The actress claimed that she and her husband Daniel thought they would raise their children like any other typical family. Julia stressed the importance of teaching her children valuable life skills such as making their own beds, doing their own laundry, and taking care of themselves.

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