Kent McCord, the actor known for his role in “Adam-12,” has been married to his high school sweetheart for 60 years. They have three children together.

Along with his successful acting career, Kent McCord was a devoted family man.
Bert and Laura McWhirter gave birth to Kent Franklin McWhirter on September 26, 1942, at French Hospital in the heart of Los Angeles, California.
As Officer Jim Reed in 1968 born in the TV series “Adam-12”, Kent McCord became famous.

After his appearance in the series, Kent served as a reserve officer for the Los Angeles School Police Department from 2005 to 2009. He received high praise for his performance in the movie “Adam-12”.
The actor, who is known for leading a humble and understated life, never misses an opportunity to speak to his followers by hosting a virtual meet and greet at GalaxyCon.

According to Kent, he’s had several online conversations with his fans over the years, which he appreciated, but it’s terrible that they can’t come together in large numbers due to the effects of COVID-19.

On July 14, 1962, Kent married Cynthia Lee Doty, his high school sweetheart, and the two had three children.

On February 28, 1963, Kristen McCord, his first child, was born in Los Angeles, California. On April 21, 1971, the family welcomed Megan McCord, their second child.

Actors Kristen Kent and Megan Kent have both been in movies including “Adam-12,” “Desperate” and “Glamazon: The New Kind of Girl.” Megan Kent appeared in the 2000 film “Women’s Tale”.

In the last season of “Adam-12”, actress Kristin Harmon played Kent’s wife Jean, who was also married to Ricky Nelson, the actor’s closest friend.
On the other hand, Cynthia was fine with Kristin playing her husband’s fictional wife because everything was made up and the series was making money.

Three days before the finale of the series “Adam-12”, Kent and his wife had their first child, which took the actor away from the show.

The actor focused on supporting his family and remodeling his home to his liking for the coming year.
He then turned down acting because he was happier and more involved at home with his family.

Kent figured that having been involved in a number of film productions over the years, the support of his fan base would not suffer if he decided to take a break from acting.
The actor and Cynthia each had their own bicycle and often rode it on Route 66 in Santa Monica.

Apart from the fame and fortune brought by his involvement in the famous series “Adam-12”, the actor has developed lasting bonds with some of the cast members.

Martin Miller and Kent Miller became friends, and the actor and Cynthia occasionally visited Martin and his wife Judy.
They also became friends with the singer Julie London, who knew Cynthia and her three children. Kent and Julie worked together on “Adam-12” and “Emergency” in 1972; both were born on the same day.

Although Julie was 16 years older than her, they got along well and the actor bonded with her on their birthdays.
As a fan of the film Adam-12, famous director John Ford once visited the actor during filming. He was seen conversing with Kent about various aspects of the show, including his role as an actor and what goes into making a TV show.

However, in many episodes of “Adam-12,” including “Dragnet,” “D.A: People Vs. Saydo” and “Emergency: The Wedsworth-Townsend Act”, Kent returned as his iconic character Officer Jim Reed.

Throughout his life, Kent McCord stayed true to himself and his values. He never compromised his integrity or his love for his family and was always grateful for the opportunities that came his way. His legacy as a talented actor and devoted family man will continue to inspire and entertain audiences for years to come.

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