Kevin Costner Takes Legal Action Against “The View” for Alleged Hate Speech

Kevin Costner, a well-known Hollywood personality who has entertained us since his debut in Bull Durham, has filed a lawsuit against the ABC television network and specifically the show “The View” for spreading “hate speech”. Costner, who has starred in many classic movies like “Field of Dreams”, and “Waterworld” and his latest outing, Paramount television’s “Yellowstone,” is taking legal action against the network. However, this decision has been criticized by his co-star in the movie “Sizzle Beach U.S.A.”, Joseph Barron, who has labeled it as irrational and badly thought-out.

Barron believes that this entire proposition is complete nonsense, and there is no valid reason to sue the network. He argues that Costner’s role in “Yellowstone” should not be the reason to sue the network, as it is a show that is beloved by many. According to Barron, Costner is just an actor, and his personal opinions are not relevant in this case. Furthermore, Barron questions whether it is even possible to sue for hate speech. He argues that the hosts of “The View” are simply discussing trivial topics such as hair color and muffins, and this cannot be labeled as hate speech.

Despite the criticism, Costner has not issued any public statement on the matter. He is currently working on his latest film, “8000 Miles to Graceland: Even Gayer,” after wrapping up filming on the latest season of “Yellowstone.” It remains to be seen whether Costner’s lawsuit will gain any traction, but it is clear that his decision to take legal action has caused controversy in the entertainment industry.

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  1. Why does this article focus mainly on his co-star bashing Costner’s proposition? I like what he’s doing. The psychos on the view should be sued. Their daily non fact based extreme opinions are damaging to this country.

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