Loretta Lynn, who recently paid an emotional tribute to her husband of 48 years, has made the decision to sell their family home, which they bought in 1986.

One of the most amazing legacies in country music is Loretta Lynn. She earned the nickname “Queen of Country” thanks to the endless number of hits for which she is best known. She has received the most accolades for a female country music artist in the history of the genre since her voice hit the airwaves, her prolific and authentic songs remaining as relevant as when they were originally released.

Still, her life wasn’t always as glamorous as it seems now. Before she had a fantastic profession, she was a voice of power, independence, and even rebellion.
Her parents, coal miners Melvin Theodore Webb and Clara Marie, welcomed Lynn into the world in April 1932. She grew up in a small cabin in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky, a struggling Appalachian coal mining community. Her father was a coal miner.

Just a few months before turning 16, she married Oliver Vanetta Lynn, Jr. The couple had four children together, all born before Lynn turned 20. They welcomed a girl named Betty Sue on November 26, 1948, as their first child. Exactly one year later, their son Jack Benny was born.

Their third child, Ernest Ray, was born on May 27, 1951, and Clara Marie was born on April 7, 1952. Lynn and her husband took time off after the birth of their fourth child so that Lynn could focus on her music career. In 1960, she recorded her first big single, “I’m a Honky Tonk Girl”.
When the song went viral later that year, Lynn was even more motivated to pursue a career in music. Loretta Lynn Sings, her debut album, was subsequently released in 1963. It was followed by a string of Top 10 country singles.

The success she achieved in her personal life was reflected in her professional success. She and her husband had their youngest children, Patsy and Peggy, who were actually identical twins, on August 6, 1964.

Despite Lynn’s claims that she and her husband had a troubled relationship that included adultery and violence, they have been married for over 50 years. The couple also shared a number of homes, including their estate in Hurricane Mill, Tennessee, and another home they bought in Nashville in 1986.

Lynn and her husband kept their commitment to each other as stated in their marriage vows, which stated that they would remain partners until loss separated them. Lynn gave her marriage her full and undivided attention. She was known to be very passionate about everything she did, including singing, composing, and playing the guitar.

She has publicly admitted that she still believes in love and uses music to overcome the agony of her loss. She often said that your guy isn’t worth fighting for, and the opposite was also true.

However, she would also mention that her husband was her biggest supporter. She freely admits that without him she would never have been able to achieve her goals – from getting her first guitar to helping promote her debut song.

The singer had to deal with the loss of her boyfriend and partner after Oliver died in 1996. She claimed to have seen him all over the house, including in the bathroom mirror.

The couple had invested in a gorgeous and lavish home a decade earlier, but it was in a more remote area of ​​Davidson County, Tennessee. Lynn is currently thinking about asking $799,000 for the house. The home has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, totaling 3,409 square feet, and strikes the perfect balance between warmth and elegance.

The charming home sits on five acres of country land which directly borders the Harpeth River. Its immediate waterfront access of more than 300 feet makes it an ideal location for kayaking, canoeing, and fishing. Upon arrival, guests are greeted by a spacious entrance hall with a grand staircase. In addition to the formal dining room and living room, there is a den with mahogany walls and a fireplace.

The kitchen counters were made of granite and the cabinets were custom-made. The home also includes a bonus room and sunroom, both with carpet, tile, and hardwood floors.

The couple’s home was put up for sale with a black and white photo of the two and the caption: “Just a few short weeks after Lynn paid an emotional tribute to her late husband in an Instagram post.”

“My Doo would be 96 years old today if she were still alive. Wow! The young soldier I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time at Butcher Holler will forever be in my memory. Happy birthday my dear.”

But it wouldn’t be the first time Lynn had such a beautiful thought for her husband. In a social media post from January, she was seen resting her head on Oliver’s shoulder. To celebrate the couple’s 74th wedding anniversary, the post read:

“We’ve been together for 48 years and I honestly miss him being here. I wish he was here right now.”

During her lifetime, Lynn was incredibly fortunate to live a long and healthy life. However, aging also brings a number of new health problems. The singer suffered a stroke in 2017, which ultimately motivated her to stop touring. A few months later, she fell and broke her hip as a result.

Lynn, a strong woman, survived a stroke and hip problems and was able to rebuild her life. The singer is currently enjoying life, even planning a wedding with Kid Rock in 2020. Plus, she still hadn’t zipped up her coat. Great-granddaughter, grandmother Taylor Lynn, gave the following information about her to Us Weekly:

“My Memaw is as famous as a rock star. Don’t underestimate her. She’s doing great! She’s a really powerful woman. She won’t let a minor setback stop her from achieving her goals.”

The singer’s rehabilitation was difficult, but once she managed to resume her career, she wanted to pick up where she left off. She released her album “Wouldn’t It Be Wonderful” in the second half of 2018. In October of that year, the singer spoke with Jenna Bush Hager about her health and mentioned how wonderful she felt. In a Taste of Country article, she reportedly said the following: “I feel fantastic. I’m embarrassed to even say I’m in such a great mood because I’m in such a beautiful mood.”

Despite the countless honors she has received throughout her career, including the Academy of Country Music Awards and Grammy Awards, among many others, Lynn is very grateful for her six children and the love of her family.

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