Marlo Thomas celebrates her 85th birthday and marks 42 years of marriage after her husband changed her perspective on the institution of marriage

In 2022, Marlo Thomas celebrated her 85th birthday and 42 years of marriage. The That Girl actress and her husband raised five children after deciding not to be a miserable stepmother.

American actress, producer, and social activist Marlo Thomas has long been a household name in the world of entertainment. Marlo was born in Detroit, Michigan on November 21, 1937. She was the daughter of the late comedian Danny Thomas and his wife Rose Marie Cassaniti. Marlo began her acting career following in her father’s footsteps and made it big in the 1960s and 1970s. Her best-known performance was as Ann Marie in the 1966-1971 television series The Girl.

Marlo Thomas will be 85 years old on November 21, 2022! The actress and her husband Phil Donahue are celebrating a long marriage.

Marlo appeared on his talk show in 1977 and they got to know each other. Love, at first sight, led to their marriage in 1980!

her marriage to television host and producer Phil Donahue in 1980 also brought her personal life into the public eye. When Marlo came on Phil’s talk show in 1977, the two met and immediately hit it off.

Marlo first tied the knot with the talk show host at the age of 40. Phil’s new bride will be the stepmother of his five children from a previous marriage.

The actress recalled Phil’s modernism and the fact that he was a single parent in December 1977. They handled marriage, children, and divorce as Catholics.

According to the celebrity, they had a “great” connection, but their first date was awkward because they kept staring at each other. They’re “hanging in there” despite the date that set their relationship back.

They talked on the phone two or three times a day and got together on weekends because Phil lived in Chicago. The actress called out the host after her father Danny Thomas made a funny remark.

Danny described them as “two of the most attractive men in the world”. Before the wedding, Marlo was against the organization, but her husband changed his mind.

What was Phil Donahue’s involvement in Marlo Thomas’ marriage decision?

In May 2020, Marlo admitted to “Sunday Morning” that the interview she gave with Phil years ago was a fabrication. He remembers asking him, “How come you’re not married?” I said, “I don’t think it’s for me,” I replied.

I feel like there’s barely enough room for one and a half people, the actress declared. Marlo revealed her sources of inspiration on “Sunday Morning.”

The actress mentioned that her parents gave up singing to marry the “Danny Thomas Show” star. Marlo was returning to Phil’s Winnetka, Illinois, where he raised his four sons, for weeks after she appeared on his show.

According to “Sunday Morning,” the actress was known for her independence and freedom. Like her character in “The Girl,” Marlo has vowed never to marry and that her career is her top priority.

She claimed that for the first time on television, she tried to represent a young girl who was not thinking about marriage, but rather about who she could be in the world. Her point of view made sense because the actress was a pioneering feminist.

Marlo admitted she had second thoughts about getting hitched in 2020. Despite her claim to have had one, she said she was unsure if the marriage was “biased against the woman”.

It was challenging for her to discuss marriage with Phil on his show. The actress considered it “very significant to find that marriage can be a wide enough region for my purpose and his wishes.”

She continued that I need to meet the right man, the world needs to change significantly and I need to change. After giving her relationship a chance, the actress and her 42-year-old husband tied the knot in 2022, and she’s been a fantastic stepmom!

Marlo and Phil, the parents?

Marlo admitted that she had no desire to get married, but that being without a husband was “terrible”. Two full-fledged people could be more productive than one and a half, she reasoned.

In 1977, Phil’s child and his ex-girlfriend were living in Illinois. The actress called spending time with her husband’s children “a treat.” Marlo claimed that both society and her personal goals prevented her from having children.

Because she lived in the same house as the boys, Marlo Thomas was “more maternal”.

In 1997, she thought she had a chance, but she and Phil never made it. The actress demanded it all and lamented that men were not asked if they wanted to be fathers of doctors.

On YouTube, Phil’s wife said in 2012 that no one wants to be a stepmother. Marlo claims that the other girls chose careers as skaters, mothers, wives, actors, and brides rather than stepmothers.

Since stepmothers were typically portrayed as villains in children’s literature, no one wanted to be one. She had to learn how to be kind and soon learned that children would hate her controlling behavior.

Instead, she formed friendships with four guys and gained their respect. After moving in with the boys, the celebrity was described as more “motherly” and “caring”.

For 2021, Marlo offered suggestions for marriage longevity. According to Phil’s wife, the talk show host was her safety net, and being married was the safest scenario for her.

Marlo is still idolized in American society and serves as an example to many. Her achievements as an actress, producer, and social activist are a testament to her commitment to improving the quality of life for all people around the world.

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  1. “That Girl” was the name of Marlo Thomas’s tv show…congratulations and happy anniversary to them!

    1. Laura Grossman

      I loved “That Girl” and Phil Donahue so was pleased to meet them briefly years ago in Boston. I was Danny’s best friend until I returned to Ca. How is he? I think of him often and wish him the best.

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