Obsessed with Larger Lips: Andrea Ivanova, Holder of the World’s Largest Lips Record, Plans to Get More Fillers

Andrea Ivanova, a Bulgarian woman aged 25, currently holds the title of having the largest lips in the world. Recently, she expressed her desire to enhance her lips further by injecting more lip fillers. Her fascination with having fuller lips started in 2018, when she aimed to look like a Bratz doll, and got fillers for her jaw, chin, and lips. Despite facing negative attention from fans, who are concerned about the possibility of her lips bursting, Ivanova recently spent over $1,900 on her latest cheekbone enhancement filler. The procedure was carried out to achieve a slimmer face, and now she appears to be pursuing the title of “the woman with the most chiseled facial structure.”

With a growing following of over 26,000 on Instagram, Ivanova seems to be unapologetically chasing after her dream of having the biggest lips in the world. In a statement to the Daily Mail, she confirmed that her quest for bigger lips is not over, and she plans to continue with more injections to make them even bigger. This latest development has caused concern among fans who fear for the safety of her lips, with some suggesting that she may have reached the limit of what is possible.


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Despite the potential risks, Ivanova remains determined to achieve her desired look. Her recent cheekbone filler has only served to fuel her desire for bigger lips, and she sees no reason to stop now. While some may view her actions as extreme, Ivanova appears to be content with her decision and is not afraid to pursue her goals. Only time will tell whether her quest for bigger lips will have a happy ending, but for now, she seems to be determined to continue on this path.

Andrea Ivanova, famously known as the woman with the world’s largest lips, appears to have an insatiable desire for fuller lips. Despite already holding the record, she reveals that her lips are still not big enough, and she wants them to be much bigger than they currently are. Ivanova plans to get lip fillers every month, but she admits that she cannot count how much money she has already spent on them.


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Due to her obsession with larger lips, Ivanova has gained a significant amount of attention from supporters and critics alike. Some people criticize her choices in fillers and procedures, expressing concern that her lips may burst someday. One user went as far as calling for the doctors who gave her fillers to be jailed and for Ivanova to receive mental help. Another user bluntly stated that her lips are terrifying, and she should not be proud of them.

Despite the negative comments, there are still individuals who support Ivanova and her decisions. Some users have expressed admiration for her lips, calling them amazing and perfect. It is clear that Ivanova’s quest for the largest lips has created mixed reactions among people, with some praising her and others warning her of the dangers of her actions.

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