Police Officer Visits Donut Shop on His Wedding Day, but Observes a 3-Year-Old Girl and Feels the Need to Take Action…

A dedicated Indiana cop showed they’re never off duty on his wedding day in Orlando. According to the Indiana University Police Facebook page, John O’Rourke saw a disturbance in 2017 while eating donuts from Donuts to Go and realized the girl was having a seizure.

IUPD-Indianapolis Officer O’Rourke claimed, “It had to be a donut shop.” “You don’t make these things up. He instructed bystanders to call 911, then spoke to the operator while he began rescue breathing and chest compressions. The 3-year-old started to feel better. Just as he began performing chest compressions, paramedics intervened.

Donuts in hand, O’Rourke drove off. “I just sat in the car for about 20 minutes processing everything,” he recalled. Later that day, O’Rourke married his wife, Virginia. Many of the Florida Highway Patrol officers he works with were friends at the wedding; his early encounter did not surprise them.

One of them said, “You know John,” he recalled. “He’s always in the right place at the right (or wrong) time.”

O’Rourke’s heroism is a reminder that police officers are never truly off duty and are always ready to spring into action to help those in need. His actions saved a life and showed the importance of being constantly alert and prepared for unexpected situations.

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