Possible Murder of Grandmother in Hospital Leaves Family and Police Searching for Answers

A grandmother named Valerie Kneale, aged 75, tragically passed away while recovering from a stroke in the Blackpool Victoria Hospital. There is a possibility that she may have been murdered by a predator who could still pose a threat to society. When relatives visited Valerie, she was sitting up and talking. Her grown-up children wanted to stay with her overnight, but the hospital staff informed them that it was unnecessary. However, Valerie then suffered a devastating second stroke and was never able to regain consciousness. A post-mortem examination later revealed that she had been assaulted, possibly sexually, which caused her to bleed to death.

Despite extensive investigations by the police, including interviewing ward staff, patients, and visitors, nobody has been charged with the murder. In an attempt to apprehend the killer, a £20,000 reward has been offered. Detective Chief Inspector Jill Johnston of Lancashire Police has warned that the perpetrator could be a predator who may have committed similar offenses before and could do so again in the future.

Valerie Kneale lived with her husband Bill in Knott End-on-Sea, Lancashire. She was taken to the hospital on November 12, 2018, after falling ill. Her niece, Lisa Jaffier, shared on Crimewatch Live that Valerie was communicating and sitting up before the second stroke occurred. The tragic circumstances of Valerie’s passing have left her family and friends in shock and mourning, and the police are committed to bringing the perpetrator to justice.

Valerie Kneale’s children had wanted to stay with her at the hospital, where she was being treated after suffering a stroke. However, the hospital staff assured them that she was in the best place and there was no need for them to stay. The family had hoped for a positive outcome, but unfortunately, Valerie’s condition deteriorated, and doctors informed them that she would not recover. The family agreed to withdraw treatment, and Valerie passed away on November 16th.

During a routine post-mortem examination, a pathologist discovered a horrific internal injury that suggested a possible sexual assault. The pathologist informed the police, and an inquest revealed that the injury was likely caused by a forcible sexual assault that occurred after Valerie was admitted to the hospital. Her niece, Lisa Jaffier, expressed her shock and disbelief that someone could inflict such harm on her aunt, especially at a time when she was at her most vulnerable and unable to defend herself.

The police faced significant challenges in their investigation due to the lack of CCTV footage and reduced forensic opportunities caused by a delay in raising the alarm. Despite conducting interviews with staff, patients, and visitors, the police have yet to identify the perpetrator responsible for Valerie’s death.

Losing a loved one can be an incredibly painful experience, and in the case of Valerie’s untimely death, her family and friends are struggling with a wound that may never heal until the person responsible is brought to justice. To aid in the investigation and uncover more information, the police have offered a £20,000 reward to anyone who can provide critical evidence that leads to the capture of Valerie’s killer. Detective Chief Inspector Jill Johnston has expressed concern that the individual who caused Valerie’s death may have a history of committing similar offenses and could potentially re-offend. As such, she has emphasized the utmost importance of identifying and prosecuting the perpetrator to prevent any future tragedies.

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