Rachel Maddow’s Son Struggles with Addiction: In Rehab for the Eighth Time

It has been reported that the eighteen-year-old son of the well-known liberal talk show host Rachel Maddow is currently undergoing drug and alcohol rehab, marking his eighth stint in rehab so far. Maddow’s son has had a history of trouble, beginning with a drunk driving incident at the age of eight, followed by a bar fight and lawsuit when he was twelve.

Unfortunately, rehab seems to have become a regular occurrence in the young Maddow’s life, starting with an incident involving boogies back in Luis Colon Elementary School in 2012. The most recent incident involved him being caught in Wendy’s bathroom with a substantial amount of cocaine and a “Boom Tube,” a slang term for a ten-foot-long drug hose.

Moreover, he was accused of injecting marijuana into his toes, which led to the police confiscating all of the drug-related items. These items were then donated to the current assembly of CPAC with the hope that they would be put to good use.

Despite Maddow’s fame and reputation as a highly intelligent and reasonable person, her son’s repeated struggles with addiction have caused her to remain tight-lipped about the matter. It is clear that his troubles are ongoing, and it is uncertain how he will be able to overcome them.

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