RB, inking “Orientation is whatever” across my chest. It’s precisely the very thing Ava Phillippe needed to say in an Instagram story when she got some information about which sexual orientations she’s drawn to. And negatively, we were unable to acclaim Phillippe’s sentiments on orientation and sexuality any longer.

For setting, Phillippe — the little girl of entertainers Ryan Philippe and Reese Witherspoon (who’s fundamentally her doppelgänger) — was doing an Instagram question and answer on Jan. 12, 2022, when somebody suggested the conversation starter, “[Do] you like young men or young ladies?” accordingly, the 22-year-old shared a selfie — brandishing dazzling blue eyeshadow (which thoroughly draws out her eyes, if we might say so ourselves) — and subtitled the snap, “I’m drawn to… individuals! [Gender is whatever].”

Is that right on the money?

The following day — closely following emerging on Instagram — Phillippe likewise shared a story saying, “I can [and] will hinder profiles remarking narrow-minded/scornful messages under my posts. My Instagram profile isn’t a spot for brutality/disdain discourse [and] I expect to keep it that way.” Twofold so be it to that.

Regardless of having been brought up in the public eye (and being genuinely open via virtual entertainment), little has been had some significant awareness of Phillippe’s affection life up until this point. In June of 2021, she imparted an uncommon photograph to beau Owen Mahoney on Instagram, whom she’d been dating beginning around 2019. Be that as it may, the image has since been erased, which makes me keep thinking about whether the pair’s together nowadays. (All things considered, both Phillippe her mother actually follow Mahoney on Instagram. So! To be determined!)


Beyond leaving heart-peered toward emoticons on Phillippe’s photograph with Mahoney, Witherspoon hasn’t straightforwardly remarked on her girl’s sexuality or relationship status. She has, nonetheless, communicated pride in Phillippe’s longing to track down her own way.

“Ava is so rational,” Witherspoon told InStyle in November 2021. “She believes should do extraordinary things on the planet. She’s considering and learning and attempting to track down herself. It’s something major in life to give various things and figure a shot what is actually your way.”

In a 2020 meeting with Assortment, Witherspoon likewise shared that, “Nobody addressed me about sexuality when I was a teen.”

“I didn’t see what homosexuality was,” she proceeded. “My grandparents didn’t make sense of it; my folks didn’t make sense of it. I needed to gain from someone I met on a tryout in Los Angeles.”

However, from its hints, Witherspoon has brought up her kids to have a more nuanced and inside and out comprehension of sexuality and orientation. What’s more, we love to see it.

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