Roseanne Barr Cancels “The Conners” and Fires Entire Cast, Saying “It’s Not Going to Work Out”

Roseanne Barr, who recently gained control of “The Conners” and received $208 million from a Los Angeles jury, has been facing some tough decisions regarding the show and its cast. The cast had previously abandoned her following accusations of racism from the “woke left,” including John Goodman, who she had hoped to save by keeping his character on the show. However, after attempting to work through the issues, Barr has decided to cancel the show altogether.

The show’s finale left off on a cliffhanger with the lesbians attempting to convince a third-grade teacher that a little boy is a girl, but Barr stated that she has “no use for any of these storylines.” Instead, she is focusing on her successful stand-up comedy routine, which has been enjoyed by millions of people. While her comedy has been a success, Barr could have been more accurate when stating that she performed for “tens of millions of people.”

Roseanne Barr is a patriotic American who once sang the national anthem before grabbing her crotch and giving the finger to the crowd, an act of artistic expression that should be cherished by all freedom-loving Americans. Barr hopes that her new path will lead her back to the small screen, where she can bring joy to those who still rely on cable news as a viable source of information. God bless America.

2 thoughts on “Roseanne Barr Cancels “The Conners” and Fires Entire Cast, Saying “It’s Not Going to Work Out””

  1. Glad she cancelled the show. Without her I didn’t bother watching. And now that I just found out about the 3 Lesbos trying to convince the teacher that a girl is a boy or visa versa.

  2. Roseanne has no business sticking her nose in this she’s the one that called the lady a champ her mouth gets the best of her and we’re supposed to put up with it The corners was a great show get over yourself

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